Everyone Loves A Good Story

StorytellingThe guy that everyone wants to sit beside at dinner, the lady at church that people seem to flock around, the podcaster whose episode you hate to miss, the author whose books you can’t put down.   What do all these people have in common?  They know how to tell a good story!   They can present it in such a way that people just can’t wait for the next words.

I’m sure you have met a few of these people.  You may even be one of them. (lucky  you!)

Is Storytelling a Gift?

Many people think it is just their personality.  They were born with those gifts, etc.  But the reality is, anyone can learn the art of storytelling.

Today is “Tell a Story Day.”  We all tell stories every day.  Everyone’s stories are important, some just tell their stories in a more interesting way than others.

Storytelling is Good For Business

In business, we have to learn to tell our story in a way that captivates our customers.   We can tell our story via Facebook posts, Facebook live video, blog posts, YouTube, and various offline events, etc.  Storytelling helps us connect and engage with others.

Steps to Improve Storytelling

So how can you improve your storytelling skills?

  1. Practice.  Stand in front of a mirror and practice, tell your story to your pet or an empty chair.  Just practice so you feel comfortable with your story.
  2. Be yourself.  Don’t try to imitate another storyteller.  Just be yourself.
  3. Don’t just talk….. As you practice allow spaces for interaction.  If writing, be sure to respond to comments
  4. Take cues from your audience.  Respond to their facial expressions and questions if in person.
  5. Start small and build confidence.

So, celebrate “Tell a Story Day.”  Get out there and tell a story.  Either in person or online.  Remember, you have to start somewhere and you can’t improve until you start!


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