Engage Others: Post To Their Facebook Timeline

Facebook is all about engaging with others.  You created a facebook page to connect, but you are not sure how to make sure your friends see something you have posted.    You can simply post to their timeline and they will be sure to see it.

Posting on Your Friends’ Timelines

There are also a number of ways through which you can post on your friends’ timelines. You can either go directly to their timeline, or you can choose to post on their timeline when you’re sharing something. Here’s how to do both:

From their timeline:

  • In the search bar at the top of your home page, start typing in your friends’ name.

search for friend

  • Click their name to go to their timeline. You’ll find a status bar that you can type in, just like the one on your homepage and your timeline. Either type a message or upload a photo or video, just like you did before.

Writing on Timeline

  • You can still tag people, add your current mood, and add your current location with this function.

Sharing from the web:

Let’s say you find an article in the New York Times that you think your friend would enjoy reading.

  • The cool thing about the Internet is that basically every website has a “share” to Facebook, Twitter, email, and other social media now.
  • At the top of the article page, click on the little “f” logo to share this article to Facebook.


Ney York Times


  • It may ask you to sign in to Facebook. Just type in your credentials.
  • Next, you’ll see a little preview of the post.
  • At the top, where it says “share to your own timeline,” click to open a dropdown list.
  • Choose “share on a friend’s timeline.”

Share on a friends timeline

  • Type in your friend’s name and click on it.
  • Say something about the post. Why are you sharing it with them?
  • Click “post to Facebook,” and you’re done!

Come back soon to find out how to adjust your privacy settings, send private messages, how to create groups and pages, and more!

If you need a refresher, you can always check our basic instructions as well. If you missed our previous posts you can catch up quickly.  Joining Facebook:  Learn How to Get Started, F5 Ways to Show Friends/Clients You Care With Facebook , and So You Have Facebook.

Have fun posting to your friends’ timelines!

*The controls shown in this tutorial may vary slightly from your own PC as they were performed on a Macbook Air.


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