Embedding Video via Your YouTube Channel to Your Website

Embedding VideoIf you have a YouTube Channel and you’ve started loading videos, you’ve probably seen a bit of increased traffic on your website. Especially if you remembered to use keywords in your video descriptions and included a link to your site in your profile.

Adding those same videos to your website can also improve traffic to your YouTube channel and make your current visitors more interested in what you do. They can watch your videos right on your website when they stop by and click on the link to your channel to see more videos from you.

Easy To Do

Embedding video from your YouTube channel to your website is not as hard as you might think. In fact, it’s quite simple.

If you’re able to manage your site through your WordPress dashboard (or another site host), you can easily embed your videos. You just have to know how to access your pages and your posts through your dashboard. If you can do that, here’s what you need to know:

Embedding Video from YouTube to Your Website

  1. Locate the video you want to embed.

Go to the YouTube page where this video lives, you can’t do this from another website.

  1. Get the embed code.

Click the “share” button located below the video, this will open the share/embed box. Click “embed” in the box that appears, this will produce a link. Highlight the link in the text box, right-click your mouse, and select “copy” in the pop-up menu.

Note: The code will begin and end with the word “iframe.”

  1. Add the code to your site.

Now that you have the code copied, log in to your website dashboard and find the page or blog post where you want to embed the video. You’ll need to view the HTML version. To do this:

  • Website: Go to your site’s “customize” page and select “edit source code” or “view HTML.”
  • Blog Post: Open a new blog post or open/edit an existing post. In the toolbar located above the post, select “HTML.”

This will allow you to select where to embed your video on the page without changing any existing code.

  1. Locate the place you want to embed your video.

Scroll through the HTML to find the place you want to embed the video on the page. Click in between the existing code where you want to embed your video and hit the space bar.

Note: Almost all code begins with “<” and ends with “>”; put your space after the “>” so that you don’t write over existing code.

  1. Paste your code.

Right-click your mouse and select “paste” from the pop-up menu. This will paste your copied YouTube code in the spot you’ve selected.

  1. Save your work.

Once you’ve pasted the code where you want it, be sure to “save changes,” “update,” or “publish” in order to save what you’ve added.

That’s it! You’ve now embedded your video from your YouTube channel to your website and your visitors can now see it on your website as well as YouTube.

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