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Eagle Ford Shale

Use The Internet To Maximize Business Potential

Shale drilling, the method of extracting oil and natural gas from fine grained sedimentary rock, is one of the most important of the U.S. Energy sector trends over the last ten years. This new technology is nearly solely responsible for the current explosion of U.S. natural gas reserves. And, one of the most exciting and impressive “plays” is the area known as Eagle Ford.

The Eagle Ford Shale play range begins near the Mexican border and covers an area 400 miles to the northeast, ending close to Houston. There are nearly 30 counties within the area that are targeted for development, and the number of prospective suppliers and products in this industry is massive.

The Eagle Ford Shale Consortium’s inaugural conference, held in March of this year, was filled with optimism for the future promise and growth of this play. David Blackmon, of Americas Natural Gas Alliance, called the potential “unprecedented” and “game-changing”. Glenn Hart, CEO of Laredo Energy, says the shale drilling in the region brings about a “shale gas revolution” and “a stronger America”. This sentiment was repeated throughout the conference. The boon will last for decades throughout the region, and will provide an explosion of opportunities for all industries required to support this massive growth.

How do you take advantage of the opportunities presented by the Eagle Ford Shale play? Most importantly, a strong, professional internet presence is vital. An online strategy that drives purchasers to your website, and provides the industry specific information necessary for a sale is mandatory.

According to Vogel Marketing Solutions, nearly all (96%) purchasers of industrial supplies and services use the internet in their search for appropriate vendors. Over half (51%) of the these purchasers, after using internet research, issue purchase orders.

An effective web-site will do more than present your supplies and services in an aesthetic and easy to understand manner. It will present these products in “industry specific” language. It will highlight the advantages to using your specific products or services, as opposed to those of the competition. Your website should provide as much detailed information about your products as target market needs; clients want their search efforts to be short and informative, and ease of access will put your company on the “short list” of acceptable vendors.

To expand the potential opportunities for your business, it is important to “capture leads” on your web-site. Provide easily accessible areas throughout the site that encourage requests for information. Most importantly, follow up on any requests for information quickly and accurately.

In order to take full advantage of the Eagle Ford Shale play, it is imperative that your company focuses on its core strengths; the products or services you provide. It is always a wise investment to employ a reputable and proven web-site development company to maximize both your internet impact, and your return on investment.

Upstream Marketing is the web development company to help you maximize your exposure to the Eagle Ford Shale Play for years to come.

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