Tech News You Can Use – Dec. 2017

Tech News for youIt has been a while since I have provided some tidbits of info for your daily use.  Tech news is always changing, but there are a few nuggets I think will be game changers as we look towards 2018.

Instagram Polling

Everyone knows Instagram is growing.  Are you growing with it?  A new feature added in the fall is Instagram Polling.

After you’ve taken a photo or video for your story, select the “poll” sticker and place it anywhere you’d like — you can write out your own question and even customize the poll choices.

After you’ve shared your poll, your friends and followers can immediately start voting and see real-time results. Once someone has voted on your poll, they’ll see which choice is in the lead at any given moment. And if they watch your story again later, they’ll see the latest results.

They have also added two new tools to help make your stories even more creative: a color picker for text and brushes and an alignment tool for text and stickers.

Click here for more details.

Google Calendars

Have you noticed a new look for your Google Calendar?  They began the update in the fall.  It provides a number of new event, calendar view, and settings features to help you manage your time more efficiently and get stuff done.   Currently, you can switch back and forth from the old calendar to the new.

If you want to try the new calendar:

  1. On a computer, open Google Calendar.
  2. On the top right of your screen click  Use new Calendar.
  3. To go back to the old Calendar at any time, click Settings Settings and then Back to classic Calendar.

Eventually everyone will be forced to migrate to the new calendar, but for now, they are providing a choice to get used to it.  More info is available here.

Facebook Groups

Facebook is always changing things up.  You may have noticed the new features in the groups you participate in.

  1. Welcome posts are autogenerated for admins to use.
  2. Badges are available for admins in the group so people know who has the role.
  3. Member profiles also give members more info about who is in the group.

Learn more here.

G-Mail Add-ons

We all want to be more productive and here is something that will most certainly help.   Google released Gmail add-ons to make working with popular apps, like Asana and Trello, much easier.  You can work right in Gmail.  Check it out.

Let me know if you find these tips helpful.


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