Chirpify is social medias answer to great sales rather than just commenting and replying to posts, tweets, etc. The social media platform turns user generated interactions such as replies and comments into cash so that businesses and consumers can buy and sell, donate, fundraise and pay on their favorite social media network.

Now integrated into Instagram and essentially Facebook, people who have signed up to Chirpify and who have their PayPal and shipping details logged in, can go to any items that are being sold on Instagram bearing the tag #Instasale, and by just entering the word ‘buy’ will be able to make an instant transaction take place.

Chirpify is enhancing how brands sell digital and physical items directly in user generated traffic on social media-All the consumer does when they see a product or service is to reply with the word ‘buy’ to purchase. As a result, people can instantly purchase items of interest, no shopping carts, no checkout, no linking off social media. That means instant sales for both brands and their clients.

Chirpify provides an online web store on that allows users to see all their listings beautifully displayed. People can buy, imbed and share items from here. Additionally, brands can get invaluable social data, helping them to understand purchasing intent from potential clients.

For many Chirpify just made the conversation liquid in terms of cash and giveaways. Brands are already selling physical goods that include shipping services. Digital content is also having a field day as eager customers thrilled at the no-hassle shopping, can securely transact business online without entering any personal data to check out. For giveaways, fans just reply with “gimme” to get freebies.

Chirpify also makes it possible for promotions and coupons to be quickly dispersed to your most dedicated fans. Now you can increase engagement and offer exclusive promotions to followers who are guaranteed to buy instantly.

Selling in-stream on social media is coming alive thanks to the great ideas from the team at Chirpify. With a safe and convenient way to shop, not only can clients get products and services immediately when they are announced, they do need to wait for a fancy advertising to do it. Check this out, your favorite brand can tweet about their new range of products and you can buy it right out of their tweet!

Social media is now social commerce.  To visit the Chirpify website, please click here.

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