Celebrate National “Be Heard” Day

Be Heard Day“I can’t hear you!”

That is what I tell some of my clients.  As a B2B owner, you have many challenges with running a successful business. It isn’t always easy to get your message out and bring the customers in. National Be Heard Day was created to make things a little easier.  March 7, 2018 is National Be Heard Day.

History of Be Heard Day

You have lots of competition and the task of getting the message of your business through all the noise of bigger companies with more money to spend on advertising and personnel to handle it.   Local and small businesses are sometimes not even noticed by those who live near them because of this. Back in 2004, Shannon Cherry who is a marketing and business strategist saw this problem and decided to do something about it.

She created Be Heard Day as a day where business and marketing professionals offer their services and knowledge for free.  It has made a difference for many business owners as experts helped shine the light on them and their businesses.

How to Celebrate

I want your business to “Be Heard!”   So many business owners are a bit shy about blowing their own horn.   But people can’t support your business if they don’t know what you do.   Are you using social media?  Have you changed your tactics from a few years ago?

Evaluate what you are doing and determine what you need to change.  Make sure you are heard!

Check Out These Posts

These posts might give you some ideas for promoting your business so you will “Be Heard.”

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Can Your Customers Hear You

Build Relationships

So get out there and spread the word about your company.  Make sure you can “be heard.”  Build relationships and soon you will be the “go to” business in your niche.

Be Heard Day is a great day to start to make connections. Also, be a part of the day and post on social media using #NationalBeHeardDay to show how you are taking part!


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