Celebrate Inventors’ Day

Inventors' DayWhat do Thomas Edison, James Watt, and Charles Babbage have in common?   They are inventors!  They are recognized annually on February 11 along with the Wright brothers,  George Washington Carver and Elisha Otis on Inventors Day.

National Inventors’ Day

Inventors’ Day is a day of the year set aside to recognize the contributions of inventors.

Inventors are problem solvers.

Thanks to inventors we can safely ride on an escalator, talk to someone on the telephone or through the computer.  You can press “send” and an email can go around the world in a few seconds.  We enjoy machine washers, various modes of transportation, microwaves, and much more.

Nearly everything we can think of is the result of someone tinkering in their garage, lab or basement trying to find a solution to a problem.

Some inventions may be happy accidents by an observant person; penicillin, sticky notes and bubble wrap may never have made their way into their current use if it were not for inventors working on other problems but found these solutions to our everyday issues.

The person who created websites was an inventor.

Promoting Your Invention

Are you an inventor?  If so, you want to make sure you have a website and you reach the right audience for your invention.  Here are a few posts that may help you to accomplish this

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Is Your Website Ready for Business

Website Tips for Selling

Target Market for Your Business


In 1983 President Ronald Reagan proclaimed the first National Inventors’ Day.

If you are an inventor, take a bow.  Maybe you know an inventor?  If so,  tell them you appreciate their efforts and encourage them to keep inventing.  If you have children who like to invent things, encourage them to keep tinkering.  Who knows, they may find a way to improve our everyday life.

Another way to celebrate is to promote the day and all inventors on social media.  I encourage you to use the hashtag #NationalInventorsDay as you celebrate Inventors’ Day.

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about the Top 10 Famous Inventors, check out this video.

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