Celebrate Your Favorite Clients

Client DaySunday, March 19th is Client Day. Client’s Day was created for the purpose of letting all of your clients know just how glad you are that they’ve chosen your company. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to celebrate them!

Without clients or customers….we wouldn’t have much of a business.  It is only fitting that we showcase clients and celebrate them!

How to Celebrate Client’s Day

If you have a company, no matter the size, Client’s Day is the perfect time for you to do something nice for your clients.

You don’t have to do anything expensive.  A shout out on social media, a blog post, a photo might be a great way to celebrate your clients.   The goal is to do something that will make them feel special.  Maybe send them a special cookie, or put their picture on your bulletin board, or a handwritten thank you note.   My friend who has a hair salon gives clients a small sample of various beauty products.  A graphic artist friend sends each of her clients a graphic they can use on social media.  These are things that do not cost a fortune, but will definitely make their day.

How about a phone call just checking in and thanking them for being a client.  People like to know they are appreciated.  You could send a card through snail mail.

Make It A Game

Make a game out of it.  I know someone who purchased a large piece children’s puzzle.  On the plain side, they wrote, “I Appreciate YOU”  and a number.  This was sent to the customer with instructions to bring the puzzle piece to the store to pick up their prize.   When they arrived they were given a small prize. They also had refreshments, balloons and a party atmosphere for all customers. Each person had their picture taken with their puzzle piece which the owner used on social media.    And then had them add their piece to the partially completed puzzle with the theme that every customer was important and it wouldn’t be a business without each person/piece of the puzzle.

Of course, each person shared the photo of them with their puzzle piece giving the store owner a lot of positive PR.

Celebrate Client Day

Let your creativity run wild and I’m sure you will come up with a fantastic idea for celebrating your clients!

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