Case Study – An Excellent Home Page

Jones Hydraulic - Home Page Case StudyIn a previous post, How to Create a Good Homepage, we discussed what goes into a good home page.  I thought it would be great to do a case study on our client, Jones Hydraulic, and show you an example of an excellent home page designed by

A Strategic Well Designed Home Page

What makes a home page stand out?  Let’s go over a few key things that are showcased on Jones Hydraulic’s page.


First of all, it is important to consider the number of people visiting websites using their cell phone.  That number increases every year.  Your website visitors will not have a problem scrolling through your home page to see your content.

In the past, we have encouraged people to keep their important information above the fold or before people have to scroll.  This was important for those viewing your website on a desktop or laptop computer.   But with the increase in cell phone usage, everyone is into scrolling and people just expect to scroll.


Jones Hydraulic is a manufacturer-distributor.   They have three main areas of their business.

All three main areas are listed on the home page with a call to action button. When clicked the action button will take the website visitor to that particular section’s landing page.

Home Page Case Study

Showcasing Products

Since Jones Hydraulic brings on new manufacturers and products from time to time, we added a featured product area on the home that draws attention to the latest product.  Click “Learn More” and you are taken to that specific product.

Learn more

Showcasing Manufacturers

JHS represents some very well known and some not known manufactures.  All of the manufacturers that they represent are featured on the home page.  We did this by featuring the manufacturer logos they represent.   The logos are grey on a black background.  This allowed us to showcase the manufactures without using each manufacturer logo with contrasting branded colors overwhelming visitors.

Manufacturing Logos


JHS also has some display areas in their store so we took some photos of the displays and featured them on their home page.

More Jones Items

Contact Information

The footer includes contact information, a map, and a small contact form. People may physically go to their location so their hours and a Google® map of their location are included.


All these things help to make Jones Hydraulic an excellent home page.  Please visit to see an example of a strategic, well designed Home Page.



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