Building a B2B Business Blog – Step 9: Tips For Successful Posts

Tips for Successful PostsWe have covered content and the writing of your blog posts, it is time to turn our attention to some items that will make or break your post.   As a B2B Business owner, you want to look professional.  You can’t afford to skip proofreading, spellcheck, and grammar.  If what you write is riddled with typos or is poorly thought out, your readers won’t be coming back for more!

Seven Important Tips

So take a few minutes to follow these tips to make sure your blog is in great shape for your readers.

Embrace Good Grammar

Be sure to double check those words that can trip you up: your vs. you’re, its vs. it’s, there vs. their. Learn the differences and use them appropriately.

Ensure your readers stay focused on what you have to say, rather than mentally correcting your grammar and sentence structure.  A great program to use to help with this is Grammarly.  There is a paid and a free version and both are excellent.

Run Spellcheck

There is no excuse for not running a spellcheck program on your post.  It is quick and easy and will pick up most mistakes.

Proofread Your Post

Take the time to proofread, word for word.  I recommend reading it out loud so you can hear the words.  If something does not flow correctly, fix it.  Look for spelling errors or misused words that spellcheck would not pick up.

Break Up The Text

Nothing is more boring than a bunch of text run together with no spaces and no pictures.   Use short sentences and short paragraphs that are easy to read.  (Remember many of your readers will be viewing on a mobile device and long paragraphs make it harder to read.)  We will discuss additional formatting that makes your blog stand out in our next post.

How to Get In Touch

Contact information is important.  People need to know where to find you.  Make sure you have the contact information in a space that is easy for readers to find.

Your Picture

People want to connect with you. They want to see who you are. Be sure to include a recent picture somewhere on your blog.

Be Yourself

Don’t try to write like someone else.  Be your own voice and write like you talk.   People want to connect with someone who is authentic.

Learn More

Learn more about creating blog posts and adding pictures in these posts:

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