Building a B2B Business Blog – Step 7: Content is King

Content is KingNothing is more important for your B2B business blog than content. You’ve probably heard it said that “content is King” but the content is more than the King. Content is the center, the beginning, and end of your online presence. Everything you do to build a B2B business blog or anything that you market online has to do with content.

You Need Quality Content

The content on your B2B Business Blog needs to be well-written, unique and spot on in terms of your niche and topic. It needs to be highly focused and planned content that you know your audience will read, share, and love.

Your Content Needs to Tell a Story

When you are creating content, as you put it all together, one blog post to the next, it should tell a story to your reader that speaks to them and has an impact on them. Each piece of content should be highly focused on one small aspect of your niche, but when taken in all together, eventually your content should cover all sides of your niche and tell a compelling story that encourages your readers to act.

Your Content Needs to Engage Your Audience

Content that doesn’t ask anything of the readers can be boring. Ask your readers to contribute either in the comment area or on your facebook post.  What do they think about what you just told them? Do they agree or disagree? Did you leave something important out of your blog post that they’d like to add? Encourage your audience to engage in a conversation with you and other commenters about the blog post.

Your Content Should be Unique

Even if there are 1000 blogs about the same topic out there, your blog still needs to be unique. It’s not really that difficult to make it unique because you have something no one else has, and that is yourself and your business. You have a perspective that no one else can copy, as well as a personality that you can show through your blog that no one else has. Only you have your customers.  Sharing yourself starts with creating unique content.

Everything You Do is Content

Whether you’re writing copy for a sales page, a blog post, or creating an informational product in any form be it text, video, or a podcast, it’s all content. Everything you do is content. Therefore, everything you do starts and ends with content including producing marketing copy, and producing the items to market. Without content, you have no business.

Don’t underestimate the power of the content that you create, (or have created) it can do amazing things for your B2B business. Whether you are in manufacturing, industrial, or any other type of business, you can earn money through the content, you can develop relationships due to the content, and you can create a huge business, all due to content. That’s why content is king, and always will be at the top of the list of what is important for your B2B Business.

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