Building a B2B Business Blog – Step 5: Adding Pictures To Your Post

What makes you stop and read a blog post?  Is it the headline or title?  Do the words of the post grab your attention?  Or is it the picture associated with the post.   Maybe a combination.

Adding Pictures

Statistics show an image increases interest and a picture always makes things more appealing.  Most web readers are accustomed to seeing images on a page and you don’t want to disappoint them.

So, let’s add a picture to a post.   There are three really simple ways to do this. In this post, we will cover uploading an image.

How To Add Images by Uploading an Image

Log into WordPress and click “Add New Post” or “Open” and already existing post you have saved.

After the blog post is written, click where you want to place your image and then click the “Add Media” button above the Write block in WordPress. You’ll get a popup box with several options. You’ll click the “Upload Files” option and follow these steps:

  1. Click the “Select Files” button.
  2. Find the folder on your computer’s hard drive where the image is located.
  3. Click on the image you want to upload and then click “Open”.
  4. Wait for the image to upload then change the Title to something that will be more SEO-specific for your blog post.
  5. Add Alt Text.
  6. If you want an image caption, write a Caption for the image.
  7. Align the image and choose where you want the image link to point to (if you want the image to be clickable).
  8. Select an image size.
  9. Click the “Insert into post” button.

Insert Media

10. Save to draft.

11.  Preview to see how it looks.

12  If it meets your approval, click “Publish.

There, you have added an image to your blog to make it more pleasant to view and garner interest.

Next, we will discuss adding an image via your media library.

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