Building a B2B Business Blog – Step 15: Making Money with Your Blog

Make MoneyBlogs are great for building relationships and providing an online presence for your B2B business.  But for many, the best part of a B2B business blog is when you can turn your blog into a revenue stream.

5 Money-making Strategies

Let’s look at several ways you can monetize your blog:

Sell Your Products

Sell physical or digital products. Selling y9our own products is the most lucrative way to earn income from your blog since you make all the money!

Wondering what you could sell?  Think courses, books, instruction guides, parts, crafts, the list is endless.  If you have created it, you can sell it.

Sell other peoples products

When you sell other people’s products and they pay you a commission for each sale it is called affiliate marketing.   The person who owns the product provides you with special links to products that you recommend. Use the affiliate link and you will get paid a commission when someone buys the product using your link. You can use links in your blog posts or have banners on the side of your blog. Reminder: By law, you have to disclose that you are using an affiliate link.

Sell Services

You can use your blog to sell your services.  It can be any type of service.  A few that I know that are sold on a blog are writing services, podcast editing, coaching, blog maintenance, web design, and the list can go on and on.   If you provide a service, make sure your readers know about it.


Using ads on your blog.    You can sign up with an ad company who manages the ads for you or you can sell the ad space yourself.


Some companies will sponsor a post on your blog site.  You write the post about their product or how their product was used and they pay a specific sum of money in return.

You Can Monetize

Monitor how your sales are going, how much money you are making in proportion to the amount of work involved.  If one strategy is not working, try another. Always be evaluating what works and what doesn’t.  Don’t be afraid to make changes when needed. Get rid of what doesn’t work and try something new.

In time, you will find what works and that will help create another stream of income for your B2B business.

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