Building a B2B Business Blog – Step 12: YES, You Need Social Media

Social MediaSocial media is a tool to help you drive traffic and build relationships.   Don’t know what to post, post your latest blog post.  Revisit older posts or repurpose your posts into short social blurbs.

This will drive new readers to your blog that might not have otherwise found you!

What Social Media Should You Use?


Always tweet your new blog post on Twitter.  You can post multiple times since Twitter is fast moving.  Just be sure to change the info in the post so Twitter will permit.


Be sure to place your latest post information on Facebook.  Make sure you have taken the time to embed the correct picture for Facebook to pull.  If you have YOAST, you can do this easily under the social media button.

Linked In

You can post your links, or complete articles on LinkedIn.  Many professionals use LinkedIn on a daily basis so don’t be afraid to promote yourself.  If you need to learn more about linked in, check out the series we did a few months back  LinkedIn Series


If you are interested in ranking with Google, it is in your best interest to post there.  Many are reporting getting much more traction on Google than Facebook in recent months with all the algorithm changes.

YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and more!

If you do a lot of videos, then you want to be sure to make YouTube a part of your social media plan to drive traffic to your blog.  Video is all the rage now so If you can incorporate it, that is wonderful!  We did a YouTube series last year you might want to read.

Pinterest and Instagram are both visually oriented platforms.  If you don’t have good pictures, you might want to bypass these.  If you have great pictures, these will be right up your alley.

Seems like every week there is a new social media channel you could be using.  It is sometimes fun to try them out, but often till they are tested they are a waste of time.  You might be there, but are your followers.   Go to where you know your demographics are and don’t worry about all the rest.

Tips for Social Media

So here are a few tips for using social media with your blog.

Use Social Icons

Make sure you have sharing activated on all posts and pages.

Encourage Others to Share

Don’t forget to encourage your readers to share on social media.  Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

FB Picture

Make sure you have a Facebook picture uploaded in Yoast or it may pull a picture you do not want.

Use a Scheduler

Can’t be on social media all the time?  No sweat, use a scheduler that allows you to pre-schedule posts and then you can pop in to add comments and respond when you have time.

Comment on Posts

Answer and like comments on your social media.  If they share you post, thank them.  Use social media as a way to drive traffic to you blog, but also use it to build relationships.  After all, that is why it is called SOCIAL media.

Learn More

Learn more about creating blog posts and adding pictures in these posts:

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