Building a B2B Business Blog – Step 11: Driving Traffic to Your Post

Driving TrafficMany B2B business owners think once they have their post online they are finished and can move on to the next post.  But that isn’t so!  You have to be creative and find ways to get more eyes on your posts.   You can’t just wait for the world to find your blog, you must grab attention and drive traffic to your site.

Tips for Getting More Traffic

Here are a few ideas to put in place to drive traffic to your blog.

Link to other blogs

Mention other blogs in the content of your posts and include links.  The blog owner will get a notification someone has linked to her blog.  Often they will come and visit to see what you had to say about them.  Sometimes they will mention you in their newsletter, etc.

Comment on other Blogs

As you are out surfing the net, visit other blogs.  Don’t just read, but leave a comment.  Make it a meaningful note that will add value or inspire.

Reply to Comments on Your Blog

Answer comments. Sometimes this one is overlooked. It’s important to answer any comments left on your blog. People want to know that you read their comment. It’s also about developing a deeper relationship with your readers. Remember, people buy from people they know, like, and trust.

When you comment, provide relevant information that is meaningful.  Don’t just comment to get a link back.  Give suggestions, hints, tips, compliments, etc.

Know Your Keywords

Learn a little SEO. It’s good to have an understanding of keywords. What they mean and how to use them. All of this relates to how Google sees your site. Everyone wants a high ranking on Google. Take the time to learn some SEO. Don’t go overboard but get a grasp of the basics. •

Use Internal Links

Use links to older posts in new ones. It’s a great way to show new readers what you are all about and it’s also a reminder for long-time readers to re-read a post or catch one they might have missed. It also has another advantage, Google likes it!

Get Social

Learn how to use social media to promote your blog posts to your following.   Remember to not just post the latest one time.  But several times and promote older posts as well.   Especially if it is seasonal or relevant to something currently happening.  Check out our next post that will focus on social media and promoting your blog.


Repurpose your blog posts. Turn the content from your post into an article and submit to any of the article directories. This will drive new readers to your blog that might not have otherwise found you!

There you have it.

Learn More

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