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Best Product Page Layout – Case Study

When designing a product page you have to ask yourself one big question. Are the people that I want to reach with my product page educated or non-educated buyers? Times are changing and many of the engineers and purchasing managers who knew your type of product quite well could be retiring.   How well do the […]

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5 Steps to making an Excellent Products Page

An excellent products page will encourage more visitors and more sales to your website, boosting your business. Creating a products page, however, is not quick and easy. The more products you have to sell, the more time it will take. But ultimately, the time you put in will be worth it. How to Create an Excellent […]

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Testimonials – Case Study

I don’t recommend Testimonial Pages because visitors on your website will know they are all glowing reviews, I mean, who would have anything negative about them on their own site.  Not something you would normally do, is it? What I Recommend Instead I recommend breaking up the testimonials and put them on the page each […]

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Why You Should NOT Include a Testimonial Page

You’ve always heard that testimonials are a good thing and you should use them on your website, but there are a few times when you shouldn’t.  Using a testimonial page might not be the best choice. Why Not Use a Testimonial Page Testimonials are all about building trust and getting your prospective customers excited about […]

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Manufacturers Page – Case Study

There are many ways to promote the manufacturers that you represent.   Let’s look at the best ways to represent them in a Manufacturers Page – Case Study. How to Best Represent the Manufacturers I would say the old way of promoting a manufacturer would be to place their logo on your website and then a […]

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Promote the Manufacturers You Represent On Your Website

If you represent a variety of manufacturers on your website, promoting them can lead to more sales. And more sales of your manufacturer’s products means more money for you. Promote the manufacturers you represent and you have a win-win situation for both you and them. Different Ways to Promote the Manufacturers You Represent Here are […]

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Excellent Location Page Examples – Case Study

It is important for potential clients to be able to reach you and to know your location. Be sure you make this info easily available to the public.  You can’t have it on your site often enough. Too many times it is buried in one spot and you are missing out on client contacts. I […]

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5 Tips for Contact Pages

Contact pages and location pages go hand-in-hand.  In many cases, they are one and the same. When creating your contact page, it’s important to put your best foot forward. Your site visitors are going to use this page to find out how they can get more information about your product or service or to buy […]

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How Do You Make a Good Locations Page

Making sure your potential customers can find you is important to your business. If you have a brick and mortar store, having customers find you is absolutely crucial to your business. This is why you need a locations page on your website. 8 Item To Include on a Locations Page But what does a good locations […]

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Case Study – An Excellent About Page

What is on your company’s About page?  Did you know your About page is one of the most important pages on your site? Typically, the About page is visited if your website visitor does not know who you are.  Or if they want to learn more about you. Our Story In the past couple of […]

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How to Create a Good About Page for Your Website

Did you create a good about page for your website?  A good about page will help your potential customers get to know you, your company, and what you’re about, encouraging them to want to do business with you. Whether you’re a one-man or woman show or a larger corporation, your about page needs to have […]

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Case Study – An Excellent Home Page

In a previous post, How to Create a Good Homepage, we discussed what goes into a good home page.  I thought it would be great to do a case study on our client, Jones Hydraulic, and show you an example of an excellent home page designed by A Strategic Well Designed Home Page What […]

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