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3 Secrets for Meeting Your Next Challenge

Mother Nature surprised us the other week with so much rain and flooding.   Most of us were not prepared.  It affected us personally, as a community, and our businesses too.  It will take some of us a while to recover. We do not and often cannot know what will be the next challenge we […]

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Are You Guilty?

Before you make your next status update on Facebook…consider what annoys people most.  Are you guilty of posting annoying Facebook status updates? Depending on which state you live in, the most annoying thing could be selfies, personal problems or baby pictures. If you are like me and are from the Lone Star State, avoid talking about your […]

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How Much Time Do You Spend On Social Media?

How can you fit social media into an already busy schedule and how much time are your competitors spending online?  Entrepreneurs now have to be on social media if they want to reach today’s smartphone-happy customers.  Researchers predict the number of people reading, purchasing, and using social media on smartphones will continue to increase. I […]

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7 Things to Update On Your Site

If you have a website or blog, take a few minutes before the weekend and check to make sure these items are up to date. 1.  Check your copyright dates! Many of us have copyright dates on our blogs, websites, newsletters or other types of content. Don’t forget to update those to 2016 if you […]

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Check Your Hidden Messages

Did you know Facebook has a hidden folder.   People who are not friends with you on Facebook can send you messages and they end up in this hidden folder. Be Social, Get Success posted a detailed set of step-by-step instructions on how you can find your secret messages on an iPhone. Read:  Did You Know You Have […]

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Facebook Instant Articles Launches Today

Well folks, get ready!  Today Facebook launches Instant Articles. Learn what Facebook Instant Articles are and how they work and why they might be important to you. What is Facebook Instant Articles? Facebook Instant Articles allow content shared on Facebook to load faster for mobile users.   It is also like posting your blog posts on Facebook. […]

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Comments On or Off?

Do you have comments turned on for your blog?  Many people are turning blog comments off and having the conversation on social media. We’ve all seen posts where someone posts a negative comment and then a few more people follow suit.  Sometimes people are just being mean.  Should we turn comments off so this can’t happen? […]

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Missing Piece to Millions Event – Houston, TX

  This will be an awesome networking event. You will not want to miss.  Marshall really is a master trainer. Your clients will appreciate you reserving a seat for them. Here’s what you will learn: How to use Hypnotic Selling Techniques The skills of Irresistible Influence The Key Elements of Triple Profit Margins The benefit […]

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Make Smart Social Media Choices

Social media seems to be all the rage right now.   You hear about new social media applications every week or so.   It can be overwhelming and confusing since you don’t know which is best for your company or if you should jump on the bandwagon of something new. One thing we do know, social media […]

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Skype’s Newest Features

Are you on Skype?  Did you know you now have several new features? On March 14, Skype updated Skype for web with a bunch of new features.  You can now watch YouTube videos, ad non-Skype users, get notifications and call mobile phones and landlines. It now lets you: Call mobile phones and landlines – for […]

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Stay Off This Social Media List!

Finally, a funny, entertaining, yet very educational post! The things you do and say on social media can and do have repercussions, so next time you go to post something, keep the social media fails highlighted in this post in mind:   7 Social Media Fails So Disastrous, They Shocked the Experts “Mike Schlossberg, a state […]

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Instagram Changes: Have You Noticed?

Are you on Instagram?  If so, you may have noticed some changes in what you see in your feed.   On March 15, Instagram announced it will start rearranging the order of the posts a user will see.   Instead of being arranged in reverse chronological order, Instagram will order posts according to the likelihood you will […]

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