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Is Bankless Banking In Your Future?

Yesterday we discussed the importance of your customers finding you or your business on mobile devices, Can I Find You.   Phones and technology have certainly made a difference in the way we do business.  Who could have ever imagined that more people would be purchasing over a cell phone than a desktop computer or […]

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Can I Find You?

Do you know how your customers are finding you? Can they access your website and contact information on a smartphone or iPad? Yesterday, I was out and about on the highway. It was a particularly busy time with people  returning from long holiday weekends. As I sat in a very slow line-up on the highway […]

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Keeping You in the Know – Tech News

Who is ready for a long holiday weekend?  I’m looking forward to cooking on the grill, fireworks, and fun!  But before you head out….I thought these items would be of interest. Tech News You Can Use Technology is constantly changing and keeping up with it is sometimes unnerving.  I wanted to give you a few […]

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How to Make Your Website Smile!

When was the last time you updated your website?  Do you have information that is outdated or just static for years? Whether we like it or not, our web page is our online storefront.  Even if customers cannot buy online, they go there for information about your business or product. Make Some Changes The year […]

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5 Best Uses Of Instagram For B2B Companies

If you are wondering how B2B companies can best use Instagram, you have come to the right place. While most consider Instagram to be the exclusive domain of the rich and glamorous, B2B companies can also utilize Instagram to their benefit, as well.  If you haven’t started on Instagram yet, you can get started with […]

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5 Tips For Using Instagram For Real Estate Marketing

While Facebook tends to be the dominant form of social media when it comes to advertising, Check out our post, Beginner’s Guide to Instagram if you missed it. Instagram often gets the best results for real estate marketers because it is a more visual medium. Tips for Using Instagram for Real Estate If you’re considering […]

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Beginner’s Guide To Instagram

Do you use Instagram?  Even those who do not use Instagram have probably come across Instagram photos as they traveled the web. This popular app allows you to upload a wide range of photos and use professional grade photo filters, making it possible to maintain a high quality photo feed. Instagram For Beginners If you are new […]

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YouTube 101 For Beginners

Are you on YouTube?   Did you know it is one of the  most searched sites for information.  People use it for entertainment, finding out how-to do something, learning skills, educational knowledge, deciding on purchases, etc. Businesses should be taking notice.  If not, you are missing out. The Facts About YouTube Consider these facts: 3 billion […]

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Twitter Makes Big Changes

Is it time to celebrate?   Twitter has made a big change! After limiting users to 140 characters (including web links and photos) since its inception, they now have eliminated counting the characters in links and photos for posts.  This means you can have more words in your message! The Tweet has evolved from a simple 140-character text message […]

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Marketing with Snapchat

We are talking about the fun social media app, Snapchat,  that is increasing in popularity.   We went over the tips to get started in our post, Snapchat for Beginners.  We also covered a few other Snapchat topics, Snapchat Friendships, Snapchat Stories, and 9 Tips for Using Snapchat.   Now we are going to get […]

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9 Tips for Using Snapchat

In the past few posts we have focused on  getting started with Snapchat.   You can read these posts, Snapchat for Beginners, Snapchat Friendships, and Snapchat Stories. Here are some tips that will help you move beyond the beginner level and spice up your Snapchats to impress your friends. Tips 1.  Service You need Wifi […]

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Snapchat Stories

We have been talking about Snapchat.  If you are just getting started, you might want to check out our Snapchat for Beginners  and  Snapchat Friendships posts. Snap stories are a recent addition to the app. Snap stories are unlike other snaps you send. They are pictures or videos that you post to a feed for all […]

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