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Beginner’s Guide To Instagram

Do you use Instagram?  Even those who do not use Instagram have probably come across Instagram photos as they traveled the web. This popular app allows you to upload a wide range of photos and use professional grade photo filters, making it possible to maintain a high quality photo feed. Instagram For Beginners If you are new […]

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YouTube 101 For Beginners

Are you on YouTube?   Did you know it is one of the  most searched sites for information.  People use it for entertainment, finding out how-to do something, learning skills, educational knowledge, deciding on purchases, etc. Businesses should be taking notice.  If not, you are missing out. The Facts About YouTube Consider these facts: 3 billion […]

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Twitter Makes Big Changes

Is it time to celebrate?   Twitter has made a big change! After limiting users to 140 characters (including web links and photos) since its inception, they now have eliminated counting the characters in links and photos for posts.  This means you can have more words in your message! The Tweet has evolved from a simple 140-character text message […]

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Marketing with Snapchat

We are talking about the fun social media app, Snapchat,  that is increasing in popularity.   We went over the tips to get started in our post, Snapchat for Beginners.  We also covered a few other Snapchat topics, Snapchat Friendships, Snapchat Stories, and 9 Tips for Using Snapchat.   Now we are going to get […]

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9 Tips for Using Snapchat

In the past few posts we have focused on  getting started with Snapchat.   You can read these posts, Snapchat for Beginners, Snapchat Friendships, and Snapchat Stories. Here are some tips that will help you move beyond the beginner level and spice up your Snapchats to impress your friends. Tips 1.  Service You need Wifi […]

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Snapchat Stories

We have been talking about Snapchat.  If you are just getting started, you might want to check out our Snapchat for Beginners  and  Snapchat Friendships posts. Snap stories are a recent addition to the app. Snap stories are unlike other snaps you send. They are pictures or videos that you post to a feed for all […]

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Snapchat Friendships

We are focusing on Snapchat.  In our last post, Snapchat for Beginners, we gave you step by step instructions for getting started with the Snapchat app.  This post will focus on Snapchat Friendships. One fun thing about Snapchat is its use of emojis. You’ll see different emojis next to your friends’ names for various reasons. […]

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Snapchat For Beginners

Are you on Snapchat?  In the past few years, Snapchat has become a fun and quick form of electronic communication that allows users to send timed pictures or videos to one another. These “snaps” can be set to appear on the receiver’s screen for 1-10 seconds and can contain text messages, visual effects, and more. […]

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Email Overwhelm

Remember when you used to be happy when you heard that ding that meant “You’ve Got Mail!”   My how times have changed. There are times when we all get too much email.  Go away for a day or two and your inbox is overflowing.  Sure some of the messages are important, but  many or […]

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Less Stuff, More Story

When we find ourselves in a sales rut, we often wonder what we can do to sell more items to our customers. We analyze our marketing tactics, medium of communication, and more. However, the answer could be that we’re simply not using the right story. John Jantsch recently posted an article on Duct Tape Marketing […]

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Finding the Right Blog Post Length

Have you ever wondered how long or short your blog posts should be?  Would a few paragraphs be too short?  Would 1000 words be too long?   How do you know which is best for your page? Unfortunately, there is not a magic number when it comes to blog post word count, but there is […]

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Marketing In an Industry Downturn

In times of economic recession or industry downturn, it is not unheard of for a large percentage of consumers to prioritize the “necessities” or set stricter spending limits on themselves. When the spending slows or stops, businesses are prone to cutting spending, reducing costs, avoiding new ventures, and slowing their marketing to a screeching halt. […]

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