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Heat Mapping and Why You Should Use It

Heat mapping is a visual representation of how your online visitors are engaging with your website. It uses mouse clicks to record the areas of your site that get the most interaction and attention. Basically, it tells you what your visitors are clicking on in a visual format. Beef Up Your Content Marketing Strategies Heat […]

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Earth Day – End Plastic Pollution

Earth Day is just around the corner.  Are you ready to take action to make the world a better place?   Earth Day is all about making people aware of changes they can make to protect the environment.  It is up to us to take action.   The Earth Day Network has a mission to “diversify, educated, […]

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What You Need to Know About URL Structure

What is the big deal about your URL structure?  Your web address is important.  Similar to your physical home or business address.  Without an address, your postman would not know where to deliver your mail.  Without an address, GPS could not give you instructions.  Customers and clients would not know where to find you.   […]

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Website Redesign Process Using 301 Redirect

Have you ever considered updating your website?  Giving it a new look and feel?   Or maybe even a new name?  Before you jump into a redesign, let’s talk about what a 301 Redirect is and why it is needed (using real basic terms and plain English.) What is it? According to, a 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which passes […]

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Shiny Object Syndrome Can Harm Your Business

Its tip #52 in my book, 52 Tips To Turn Your Website Into A Sales Machine, but it probably should be moved to #1. You need a video, you need social sharing and you must have animation. You need a spokesperson talking about your company since video is so hot now. Don’t forget your mobile users, remember […]

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Vimeo versus YouTube – Which is Better for Your Business?

With all the videos showing up on your Facebook and Instagram feeds lately, it should come as no surprise that marketers predict that 80% of all web traffic will come from videos by 2019. If you haven’t given any thought to adding videos to your industrial business marketing strategy, now is the time. Start creating […]

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Let’s Celebrate Go For Broke Day!

“Go for Broke Day” is coming up on April 5th.  Are you ready? Do you know why we celebrate “Go for Broke Day”? The History While no one seems to really know how “Go for Broke Day” got started, the term “go for broke” was adopted by the 442nd Infantry Regiment and comes from the Hawaiian pidgin […]

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Join Me in Celebrating World Backup Day

Imagine if your computer were lost, stolen, damaged, or just simply decided not to work anymore. What would you do? How would you access the content you had saved on it?  Do you have a backup? The same goes for your cell phone and any other electronics you use on a daily basis. We’ve all known the […]

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Is Social Media Important for my Industrial Business?

Social media is everywhere, but how important is it to an industrial business marketing strategy? Since your customers on online, they are most likely seeing your competition online.  You need to be there too.  The bigger question is which social media and how do I reach my target market. The key aspect of social marketing […]

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YouTube Tips for Success in 2018

YouTube is a great way to reach your audience; videos are becoming more and more popular. If you haven’t jumped on the YouTube bandwagon yet, it’s time to consider it. Last year we did a series on how to use YouTube. If you wish to refresh your memory you can find information on the series […]

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Keep It a Secret in an Online World

Keeping your company’s sensitive information secure isn’t as easy as it used to be. With almost all information available online or through a network these days, security can be a challenge. Especially if there are reasons you need some of that information on your website. How do you post it online while still keeping is […]

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Social Media News For Your Industrial Business

As an industrial and/or manufacturing business, you are busy creating a product, selling and servicing, and making sure your customers are happy.   Sometimes it is hard to keep up with changes in social media in the online world. Social Media News I thought I would share a few tidbits of news to keep you up […]

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