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Blog Review 2019

Blog Review 2019What a year this has been.  It just flew by.  This is our 500th post on our blog!  It is fun to think of all the topics we have covered and the information we have shared.  Check out our Blog Review 2019.   I thought it would be fun to review some of the topics we discussed over the past 12 months to help you and your B2B business prosper.


Back in  January and February, we talked about Facebook and social media.  Facebook for the Industrial Business showed how there were a lot of different ways Facebook could be used to grow your industrial b2b business and how to implement many of the various options


Then in March, we moved on to Video and how it could be used with the various social media.  You can catch up on those posts at  Industrial Business Marketing with Video.


Next, we discussed Twitter.  I gave you lots of tips and tricks to use in your business.  If you missed any of those posts, you can find them at Industrial Business – Twitter Series

Instagram and Pinterest

Then we forged ahead with the Instagram and Pinterest Industrial Business Series of posts.  While these two may not be as popular for B2B businesses as Facebook and Twitter…they are gaining traction and you need to know about them.

LinkedIn and Slideshare

We then moved to a review of LinkedIn and how to use Slideshare.  You can see those posts at,  LinkedIn and SlideShare Series for Industrial Business.  LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media options for professionals.  There are dozens of reasons you should be using it.  Check out the series to learn more.


Our next series was on websites and the various pages you needed and what needed to be included on those pages.  We also did case studies on each page to show you how successful businesses created their pages.  You can find the details at Creating Efficient Pages For Your Website (Series).

Searchable Site

In the fall we covered how to get your web site found on search engines.   In your Making Your Site Searchable (Series) we covered Google, Duck Duck Go, Bing and other search topics.   It is important people are able to find your site.  This is one series you should take time to check out if you missed the initial posts.

Digital Trends

We ended the year with a series discussing various digital marketing trends.  You can find links to those posts at B2B Digital Marketing Trends Wrap-up (Series).

Our Goal

Our goal is to educate you and keep you up to date on issues and topics that affect your business. Here at Upstream Marketing, we are always ready and willing to serve you and your business.

Happy New Year

As we close out the year and our 500th blog post, I personally would like to wish each of you a Happy New Year with the hope of prosperity and growing your business in 2020.