Building a B2B Business Blog – Step 22: Blog Maintenance

Blog MaintenanceOne of the most time-consuming activities as a B2B Business blogger is maintaining your blog.

I’m not referring to creating content or adding photos to your posts, I’m referring to all the other essential blog management activities that are involved in keeping your blog running smoothly.

If your blog runs on WordPress this post is for you.  Many of these ideas will work on other sites as well.

Below is a checklist of things you need to do to manage and maintain your WordPress blog successfully.

Blog Maintenance: Daily  or Weekly Tasks

Let’s start with the little things you can do each day if you have engaged readers to maintain your blog. If you are just getting started these could be weekly.

  • Moderate any new comments.
  • Respond to legitimate comments.
  • Backup your blog. (This should be a daily task regardless of how many readers.  Best if you can automate so it is done for you.)

Blog Maintenance Checklist: Monthly Tasks

Here is a list of things you can do every month to make sure your blog runs smoothly.

  • Check for and fix broken links
  • Backup entire site
  • Check for WordPress, plugin and theme updates and apply as needed
  • Remove any plugins and themes you’re not using
  • Delete spam comments
  • Check your buy buttons to be sure they work
  • Check your website forms and redirects to make sure they go where you expect them to go
  • Monitor Google Webmaster Tools for website issues
  • Check your services page for outdated pricing and packages
  • Check your contact page for current information
  • Remove any unused add-on or sub-domains on your hosting account
  • Remove old pages that are no longer used/necessary
  • Check page load times, check out this free useful tool to get detailed information on pages speed insights.
  • Check to make sure your About Page is still up to date.

Remembering to do these simple things each month will keep your B2B Business blog running smoothly.

Maintaining your blog doesn’t have to be time-consuming. Keep this list handy or bookmark it for future reference.

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