Fried Mullet Anyone? – How the internet has changed the face and taste of business.

A couple of years ago if you were looking for a restaurant that served Fried Mullet, you looked at the either the hand written sandwich board  or marquee sign  outside of restaurant as you drove by.

Now 67% of consumers researched online prior to a purchase and I’m proud to say I’m one of them.

I’m in Orange Beach, AL for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Every year that I come here I see the signs for Fried Mullet.  Now, enjoying saltwater fishing I know mullet is pretty much a bait fish and not one that I would normally look to eat.  While sitting in a restaurant earlier this week the waitress made a point to say ” We have All You Can Eat Fried Mullet, this Friday”.  Now I can take her word for it and show up on Friday to eat fried bait fish or I can do what in 2011?  I can turn to the internet and see what people say about eating Fried Mullet.

So I turned to Google and started researching Fried Mullet and area restaurants that served this fried fish.  What I found were customer comments on different restaurants including the one where I heard about their All You Can Eat Friday event.  Good reports, bad reports, honest opinions on what it was like to eat fried bait fish and where to go to get this Gulf Coast specialty.

So, after reading all these reports I chose Joe Patti’s Seafood Restaurant in Pensacola, FL. I did not even know they had a restaurant but next door is their fresh seafood market which I had visited before. My internet search led me to something I did not even know existed, even though I had been to their fish market before.

I was surprised to find a fresh fish taste, fried just right, not greasy and it reminded me of fried catfish.

So to help others looking to find good Fried Mullet I went to my favorite review website Trip Advisor and let a positive review for the Fried Mullet at Joe Patti’s Seafood Restaurant.

Now you are probably wondering what Fried Mullet has to do with industrial marketing?  Think about it, if you were looking for a BOP Test Unit a couple of years ago, you would turn to the set of green books called Thomas Registry to find a BOP Test Unit Company.  There would be a list of suppliers with their contact info and that was it.  In 2011, you would turn to the internet to look for a BOP Test Unit supplier.  You would do your research and try and find the best company to fit your needs.  There are many industrial product directories where you can leave positive or negative feedback on a particular company.

So when was the last time you visited Google and did a search for your own company and the products you sell?  It’s time to find out if your fish is greasy and your customer service is terrible or if you are the best BOP supplier the Oil Industry has ever seen.

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