Beginner’s Guide To Instagram

Do you use Instagram?  Even those who do not use Instagram have probably come across Instagram photos as they traveled the web. This popular app allows you to upload a wide range of photos and use professional grade photo filters, making it possible to maintain a high quality photo feed.


Instagram For Beginners

If you are new to Instagram or have posted a few but are not an expert, a beginner’s guide to Instagram can help you learn this app more quickly.

  1. Registration

Since Instagram is a platform that is utilized almost exclusively by smartphone users, the app must be downloaded to your phone before you can register an account. While the account’s default setting is public, it can be changed to private at the user’s discretion. Use your profile tab, scroll down to where it says “Privacy” and select the option that makes your images private. Once you have registered, you can upload a profile picture and create a bio of up to 150 characters.

  1. Controlling Your Notifications

The majority of Instagram browsing is done on mobile phones and to enrich your experience, you’ll want to set up push notifications. You can choose from the following notification categories: likes and comments, @ mentions, when a photo gets posted to Instagram’s “Popular” page and when you are tagged in someone else’s photo. Head to the Settings wheel, scroll down and select the Push Notification settings and go from there.

  1. Connecting To Other Forms of Social Media

To get the most out of your Instagram experience, you’ll want to link your account with your other social media accounts. Go to your profile tab, click on the option that says “Edit Sharing Settings” and select the social media networks that you would like to connect your account to. If you do not want to share your photos with any other social media accounts, you can skip this step.

  1. Adding Photos

You may want to test out your ability to add photos before getting too carried away. When you click the blue button in the middle of Instagram’s navigational panel, the camera on your chosen device springs into action. From there, you can either choose a photo that was already saved in your phone or decide to take a new one. Should you decide to use a preexisting photo, it is important to remember that Instagram will size it into a perfect square.

  1. Borders and Filters

After you’ve chosen a photo, three different icons will appear beneath it and this is where you can choose from the 17 different filters that Instagram has to offer. Take your time and scroll through each of them until you find the one that works best with your image. Every filter has a different border, so don’t be in a rush to publish your image until you’ve taken a good look at each one.

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