Testimonials – Case Study

Case STudy TestimonialsI don’t recommend Testimonial Pages because visitors on your website will know they are all glowing reviews, I mean, who would have anything negative about them on their own site.  Not something you would normally do, is it?

What I Recommend Instead

I recommend breaking up the testimonials and put them on the page each testimonial relates to.  Let’s say you sell a particular type of pump and you have a testimonial from a customer who uses your pump.  Put the testimonial on that particular pump page.

What Should Be Included?

If you have a good working relationship with that client and you don’t mind your competitor knowing you sell pumps to Ryan Burnett with XO Refining then include Ryan’s name and company.  You could also say Ryan Burnett,  Facilities Buyer and not list the company.

For my B2B clients, I always recommend using the full name and either title or company since it adds more credibility.

If you sell real estate, custom home, or have a business that is more retail than first and last name is all you need.   In some instances, even just the first name will suffice.

Other Options for Testimonials

Another way to draw attention to positive testimonials is to have a section directly on the home page where you can highlight what your customers say by having them rotate.

Rotating Testimonials


Since the roof repair and replacement business is made up of both reputable companies and companies that are a total scam, we decided to add testimonials from real customers to the footer on O&M Construction‘s page.

Location Testimonials

Site TestimonialsSite TestimonialsFor a Title company, we used testimonials throughout the site and put a specific testimonial for each office location.  So their title office in The Woodlands has a testimonial that represents that particular location.

Each location has their own testimonial specific to their location.

Get Creative

Place your testimonials where they will help convince the customer they are legit and from real people talking about your specific company.  Use them to your advantage and usually that is not on a static testimonial page.  Get creative and think outside the box when it comes to testimonials.

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