Promote the Manufacturers You Represent On Your Website

Promote the ManufacturersIf you represent a variety of manufacturers on your website, promoting them can lead to more sales. And more sales of your manufacturer’s products means more money for you. Promote the manufacturers you represent and you have a win-win situation for both you and them.

Different Ways to Promote the Manufacturers You Represent

Here are some great ways to promote the manufacturers you represent on your website:

Highlighted Features

Use a header or slide bar of images at the top of your website to feature manufacturers you want to promote. Include images of their products and enticing text that will make your visitors want to click to learn more. And, of course, link the image to the page on your website where your visitors can learn more and purchase the product.

Write a Blog Post

A blog post will allow you to share information about why your site visitors would want to purchase certain products. You can talk about the benefits and features the product offers, share customer reviews, include additional images, and even share a review of your own. Be sure to link the post to a page where readers can purchase the product.

Sidebar Advertisement

Use a photo of the product you want to feature, add some text that encourages people to click on it and add it to your sidebar with a link to the page you want to direct visitors to. Include several sidebar advertisements for various manufacturers and products you’d like to promote.

Create Dedicated Pages

Create sales pages dedicated to various topics and include products from the manufacturer’s you represent on these pages. For instance, you can create a page for Best Kitchen Gadgets, Made in the U.S.A., or Products to Organize Your Office just to name a few. How can you classify the various products you offer in a way that will entice site visitors to click on those pages?


Do you have a newsletter signup on your website? If not, you should so add one immediately. It’s a great way to bring site visitors back again and again. They can click on links in your email newsletter to pay another visit to your website. Once you have your newsletter set up, feature your manufacturers in it. Feature a different manufacturer each week with a few products they sell. Include links to pages where newsletter readers can find more information and purchase.

Guest Post

Offer your manufacturers a guest spot on your blog to tell your visitors more about their products. Shoppers love to hear directly from the manufacturers. Or, look for opportunities to guest post on other blogs where you can feature the products that are available on your site.

A Page to Promote the Manufacturers

A simple page on your site promoting various manufacturers you represent is a great way to showcase them.

The most important thing to remember when promoting the manufacturers on your website is . . . don’t be all sales, sales, sales. That will turn visitors off. Instead, show your manufacturers products in real-life use and share the benefits and features they offer.

If you’re not currently making a point to promote the manufacturers you represent, make a plan to start.

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