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Product Page – Case Study

Product Page Case StudyWhen designing a product page you have to ask yourself one big question.

Are the people that I want to reach with my product page educated or non-educated buyers?

Times are changing and many of the engineers and purchasing managers who knew your type of product quite well could be retiring.   How well do the new buyers know your products?   You may be in an industry that is not seeing this. But for many of our oil and gas industry clients, it’s a major factor in designing their product pages.

Include Details on Product Page

For Precision High Pressure we included a lot of details about this particular valve, including Specifications, Features and Benefits and Options.

Product Page case study - example

We also added materials so that the web visitor would know what materials are used for the making of this particular valve.  All of this information is important for deciding if this is the right valve for their particular need.

Customer Needs Are Important

Take a look at your products and determine what information your particular buyer needs to make an informed decision.

This site is not an e-commerce site so the person visiting will not make the decision to purchase directly from the page.  They are now informed and feel confident that this is the valve they need and there is a clear call to action for them to take.

This detail product information was on the left-hand side of the page.  On the right-hand side, we included a photo of the valve.

Provide Downloadable Information

We also provided additional information that can be downloaded.   This includes a product sales sheet and additional information from their product catalog.

The call to action, a link to a “Request A Quote” form is also included.

If the product is very technical we include more information for download and sometimes a video.

For this Quick-Open Needle Valve, we felt this was enough information to make the potential customer feel confident this was the valve they needed and comfortable taking the next step which is to either fill out the “Request A Quote” form or make a phone call.

Take a look at your product page and figure out how you could improve the customer experience.

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