Product Page – Case Study 2

Product Page Case Study

In this product page case study, we are going to look at a company that has lots of information to share with their customers.

Enough or Too Much Information

In the last product page case study, we spoke about having enough information so the potential buyer will feel confident that they have found the right product for their needs.

Technical Products

When your product is more technical in nature and your potential buyer may be new to the industry, you may need to go into more detail.

When you have a lot of information about a product to include on a product page it can be a challenge to produce without creating information overload and a confusing page layout.   It is frustrating for the customer when they can’t find the information they are looking for even though you thought you included everything.

Creating a Results-Oriented Product Page
The best way to develop an informative, results-oriented product page is to take a look at your current customers who have purchased items from you and determine what information they needed to make the informed buying decision.

Getting the Information

How do you get that info?  Just ask them!   We at Upstream Marketing have spoken with buyers and asked them directly what product information they need and how do they like to see it displayed.


It was eye-opening to hear what they had to say.  From the information we learned, we implemented product pages that helped our clients close more deals.

A Product Page Example

Product Page case study When we worked with the National Air Vibrator Company (NAVCO), some of their products were very technical and there was a lot of information to be included.


Take a look at the NAVCO Bin Hopper Vibrator (BH Series) Page to the right.  You will see a similar layout to the Precision High Pressure Valve page.

Product Information

The detailed product information is on the left.  On the right, you see two photos.  The first one is an application photo showing how the product looks when it is in operation.  The second photo is a rendering of the product.


The downloadable information is readily available under the photos.


For this particular product, there are accessories so Product Accessories is available for download as well.
Product page example


There is quite a bit of product information on the left.  Halfway in the middle of the content, we added a Bin Hopper Vibrator General Information Brochure.

Different Types of Learners

You will have buyers that will read all the text, others will glance and then others will print the info out and read it.  We are not in a paperless society so it is important to give the information in a variety of formats.


What the NAVCO product page, there is a short explanation video on how the product works. This is great for those buyers that are visual learners.  If you are going to include video, make sure it is not too long and it is informative, not just a sales video.


The page could end here…but for NAVCO we included a chart with even more information.   They have 10 different models of a Bin Hopper Vibrator so they have specific information about each model.  Each one also has a product information PDF available for download.
Case Study


If you have large amounts of product information to include this is an excellent example of how to layout a page so it’s easy to read and follow.  You want to provide enough information to make your potential customer feel confident that this is the product that will take care of their needs.  You want to inspire them to take the next step of completing a quote request or make contact with your company.


​Step by step you build your product page to meet the needs of your customers.

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