B2B Marketing Trends: Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web AppsIf you haven’t heard of Progressive Web Apps, it’s time you did. They can make a big impact on your marketing and sales growth. And, they can help you stay current in this ever-changing world of technology.  Imagine your business having its own app.

Progressive Web Apps are very similar to many apps you may currently have on your smartphone. They are essentially websites that work like apps. And, best of all, they aren’t limited to just one platform. That means users can access them from their Androids and iOS devices, including smartphones, eReaders, tablets, and any other device they may use. Your app works like your website does across all devices.

User-Friendly Web Apps

These apps also have other features that make them user-friendly. They have fast loading times, they can send push notifications, they can work offline, and they utilize the device’s hardware.

Here’s a staggering figure that may help you recognize the importance of using Progressive Web Apps . . . there are over 2.8 billion smartphone users. And page views on mobile devices are increasing year-over-year at almost 50% worldwide.

With those kinds of numbers, you can’t afford to miss out on Progressive Web Apps if you want to grow your business.

Characteristics of Progressive Web Apps

Check out some of their many characteristics:

  • Progressive – Regardless of the browser and device the user is using, they work.
  • Responsive – They are able to recognize a type of device and conform to its specifications so it works the same, and looks the same, on a desktop, mobile device, or tablet.
  • Independent Connectivity – They work offline and on low-quality networks.
  • App-Like – They look and respond like an app to users.
  • Safe – They are connected through HTTPS to prevent hacking.
  • Linkable – You can easily share links to them through your social media sites and website.
  • Fast Loading – After the initial install, the content does not have to be re-downloaded each time so it loads fast.
  • Push Notifications – You can use push notifications to continually engage with users.


Progressive Web Apps will keep you engaged with your followers, encourage more users and more activity with your current users, and boost your business. They are so easy to use and help keep your customers connected.   They will look forward to using your app to do business with you.

These apps can provide users with fresh content, help them make purchases, share links to products they like, leave reviews, and more. If you plan to keep your business growing in this technological age, Progressive Web Apps need to be part of your marketing and growth plan.

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