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Manufacturers Page – Case Study

Manufacturers Page - Case StudyThere are many ways to promote the manufacturers that you represent.   Let’s look at the best ways to represent them in a Manufacturers Page – Case Study.

How to Best Represent the Manufacturers

I would say the old way of promoting a manufacturer would be to place their logo on your website and then a link to the manufacturer’s website.  I often see this on various websites.   But there is a possible problem with this.

Remember This Important Message:

The person coming to your website is your potential customer. When your link takes them away from your site to a manufacturer’s website you possibly just gave your potential customer away.   Yes, they could come back to your site and purchase,  but how many times have you linked away from a website and then linked away again and then decided to check Facebook and before you know it you have no idea where you started from.   It happens all the time!

The Best Alternative

Instead of giving them a link away from your site, why not design a complete page of the products you represent from that particular manufacturer.   You could provide more specific details and build a single page for each product.  The manufacturer should have information on their site or catalog that you can use.   You can ask for help from the manufacturer.   Some will get back to you with help and some you may never hear from.  It just depends on the level of support they provide.  Regardless, it is the better alternative for showcasing a manufacturer you represent.

An Excellent Example – Case Study

For a client of mine,  Jones Hydraulic that represents many different manufacturers, we took specific ones and designed web pages for those products.

Take a look at a series of safety kneeling mats and safety back mats sold my ColdGon the manufacturer that my client, Jones Hydraulic represents.

Kneeling Mats - Jones Hydraulics Manufacturing Page - Case Study

We designed a landing page that promoted the three main safety mats that this company sells.  At the time we designed these pages, the company ColdGon had a brochure but no real website.   So we decided to take our own safety mat photos and use some that we could take from their brochure PDF.   We took product information from their brochure and used it to create our own ColdGon safety mat pages.

The product information contained on this page is enough that it gives both the potential customer information about the product and satisfies Google on helping this page to rank.    You will see from the Google screenshot that the manufacturer ranks #1 and then Jones Hydraulic ranks above and below the images.

ColdGan Mats SEO Google

The ultimate goal is let your potential customers know that you represent a particular manufacturer and their products and get them to take action (call, email, request a quote or purchase) before leaving your website.

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