How Do You Make a Good Locations Page

How to make a good locations pageMaking sure your potential customers can find you is important to your business. If you have a brick and
mortar store, having customers find you is absolutely crucial to your business. This is why you need a locations page on your website.

8 Item To Include on a Locations Page

But what does a good locations page need to include? There are a few essentials that will encourage visitors to
come for a visit to your business or make them want to work with you.

1. Contact Info

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses don’t include this information
on their website. If your customers have to take another step to find you, they’re most likely not going to
bother. Make sure your locations page includes your physical address, email, phone number, and any
other relevant contact information.

2. Integrated Map

Drop-in a Google and/or Bing map of your location using a plugin. Having a map will allow customers to
click on it from their mobile device and easily get directions to your location.
Even if they are not coming to your business, sometimes people want to work with a business close to them or they search for a business closest to a certain landmark.  You just don’t realize how important it is to have this identified on your page.

3. Location Overview

Why should they come to your location? Is there a history behind your location? Are there certain
neighborhoods you serve best? Include a short summary of what your customers can expect to find
there and why they’d want to come.

4. Directions

In addition to your map, simple directions for different areas of town can make it easier for customers to
find you. Depending on where you’re located, be sure to include directions from the east and west, or
north and south. Include tidbits of information that can be helpful like “turn left at the big yellow house.”

5. Business Information

Let people know your business hours, the types of payments you accept, and any other relevant
information they may need to know before visiting. Not sure what to include? Take a look at a few
businesses on Yelp to see what information they’re providing.

6. Photos

Including both interior and exterior photos of your store will entice visitors to come by. It helps to
provide a visual reference so they’ll recognize your store when they pull up, and it gives them an idea of
what to expect when they walk inside.

7. Staff Listing

If you have a staff that works with your customers in different areas, provide photos and contact
information for each person. Your customer service manager, repair manager, store manager, and any
other vital staff members should be easy for your customers to find.

8. Certifications

Are you a member of your local Chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau? How about national
associations that support your industry? Add the logos of these certifications and memberships to your
location page to build trust with your potential customers.
A good location page should encourage customers to visit your store and give them plenty of information
on how to find you. The easier you are to be found, the more people will enjoy visiting you.
Is it time to update your website so you have a good locations page?

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