B2B Digital Marketing Trends: Personalization

Digital Trends - PersonalizationIf you want to stand out in your marketing efforts, you need to consider personalization in your marketing. That means personalized products, emails, content, and more.

How to Use Personalization and Why it is Important

The best way to do this is to use the data your site collects on a customer’s purchase history, their behavior on your website, the links they click on, and the products they look at. Then, using this data to market specifics products that these customers are interested in.

Here’s a few statistics to consider if you’re not convinced:

  • 80% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a company that offers a personalized experience.
  • 63% of consumers are annoyed with a brand that sends them generic advertising emails.
  • And 90% say they find personalization appealing.
  • Emails that are personalized to a shopper’s likes and purchase history are three times more likely to encourage a sale than generic email blasts.

Reach a Target Market

Personalization allows you to target a specific audience when you have a sale on items that they are likely to purchase. It allows you to create better content for your customers and leave them with the feeling of being special. It also helps you build a stronger relationship with your customers because you can show them how much you care by sending them products they’ll like.

Personalization can also be a great marketing tool when you know your customers’ birthday and anniversary, allowing you to let them know you’re thinking of them with a special email or card.

Your Website

If your website offers recommendations of other products a shopper might like. Personalization helps to make those recommendations more relevant, increasing add-on sales. And, if a customer feels that you know what they like and offer them products relevant to their needs, they will be more loyal to your company.

Having the right software to track a site visitor’s clicks and purchases is necessary for creating a personalized experience. This can be a little challenging.  It also requires you to find the time to dedicate to tracking a customer and segmenting them into a category. For this, it might make sense to hire a specialist to create and implement software that works with your site and easily tracks a customer’s history. The benefit of increased sales and customer loyalty far outweigh the cost of hiring a specialist.

It is Your Turn

Providing a personalized experience for your shoppers will increase your initial sales, your return sales, and your customer loyalty. When you’re customers feel understood and special, they’ll return to make purchases again and again.

Now it is your turn to take a stab at using personalization in your business.

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