9 Tips for a Successful Facebook Live

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is great for drawing your audience in and creating engagement.   While you can’t expect professional quality for Facebook Live, you do want to make the videos for your industrial business as appealing as possible for your viewers.

These Facebook Live tips may help.

Facebook Live Tips

Your Phone

While it pulls in views, you need to remember you are limited in terms of video quality by the camera on your phone.  So invest in a good phone with a quality camera attached.  This will make your video as clear and crisp as possible.


As you scroll through your Facebook feed you will notice many of the video’s look dark, grainy and not too appealing.  Some are even blurry.  People don’t usually want to watch low-quality videos.  This can often be remedied by adding a bit of light.  Making your videos bright can increase their apparent quality.   Be sure to make your videos in a well-lit area by a window or use another lighting.

Look Good

Make sure you look presentable.  Comb your hair and wear appropriate clothes. If you are showing how a new tool or product works, wear the clothes a person would wear while using the product.  Be as real as possible.


Think about what is behind you and around you. Is it messy?  Does it conflict with your brand?


Just as you can improve the quality of the image without changing the camera, the same goes for your sound quality. Get a phone with a good microphone but think as well about the acoustics of the room you’re in and make sure you speak clearly. Avoiding background noise is also always preferable! As an industrial business, you may be outside.  You may need to purchase a special microphone to help eliminate background noises.

Professional Content

When presenting your video, try to speak slowly and clearly and to project your voice as much as you can. Don’t shout but don’t mumble or whisper either!

Plan Ahead

You want to try and create an intimate and personal feeling for your videos but that doesn’t mean you can just ramble on with no planning. The best videos will have some kind of focus and some kind of purpose – so try to structure your video in a way that lets you keep coming back to the point and avoids any tangents.

Welcome Interactions

Let your audience interact with you and be sure to acknowledge them when they log in or when they comment. And remember that you need to cater to people who are just arriving –  recap on what has been said and remember that not everyone has been watching since the start!

Call to Action

What do you want them to do after they watch the video?  Tell them.  Give them an assignment.  Ask them to do something, follow you on social media, check out your web page, purchase a product, post a comment, share a picture, or call their sales representative to ask questions.  Just be sure to give them a call to action.

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