9 Reasons to Attend Live Events

9 Reaso

Too much work, can’t take the time away from the business, I’m an introvert, costs too much, I’m not good with people, etc.   Those are all excuses I hear every day from people when I mention attending a live event.

I get it, I really do!  It is hard to scrape up the money sometimes and being away from the business sort of seems counter-intuitive as to what you should be doing to make more money.  But for every reason you come up with why you shouldn’t attend live events, there is a reason to attend.

I try to go to live events as often as possible for a multitude of reasons.

Reasons to Attend Live Events

Here are 9 reasons to make the effort and attend live events.


What’s better than making new friends? Or connecting with old friends? Business relationships should be friendships first, everything comes from relationship.  It is especially great when you get to meet people you have only previously met online.  Love connecting with my Facebook friends.

Passion & Purpose

Without passion, you’ll be stuck in nowhere land. Being around others with the same type of business vision will inspire you to work within your passion and be more passionate about the things you do.  When I come home from live events I am usually all pumped up to roll up my sleeves and get to work.


Get inspired by new ideas to implement right away and BIG ideas that you can plan for.  Be sure to write all your ideas down while they are fresh in your mind.  Read over them a week or so after your live event.

Fun & Excitement

There’s nothing better than the energy of a live event!   Check out this little video my friend Sandy took of me dancing at a live event!


There’s nothing like getting away from the people who doubt you and getting around others who believe in you fully. You build your confidence in a huge way when you surround yourself with others who are on the same journey as you. Just getting out and speaking with people builds your confidence in other areas of your life.

Friends - live eventsAction

When we are around others who take action it’s only natural to want to take more action as well.  To make any idea a success you need ACTION!

Business Growth

Being at live events encourages business growth at a much quicker rate. Business is all about relationship building and helping others.

Outsourcing Connections

You can meet new virtual assistants, connect with people who specialize in technical work, find new writers and more.  Sometimes it is just talking to others to get recommendations of who you can outsource with.

New Opportunities

You may meet someone new who will think about your interactions later and new opportunities will arise that never would have happened if you stayed home.  I’m always amazed at the opportunities that come my way after an event.

So I encourage your to get out of your comfort zone and attend live events!  You never know what might happen that will be a big bonus for your business.

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