7 Ways That TikTok is Different Than YouTube.

7 Ways that TikTok is Different Than YouTube

When it comes to video-based social media platforms most people think of YouTube. Launched in 2005 YouTube has been the tried and true site for video sharing. TikTok is the new kid on the block, looking to change the video-sharing game with a different approach. Here is how TikTok and YouTube are different in their approach to providing users with a video-sharing social media platform.

Video Length

YouTube does not currently have a time limit on the videos that can be uploaded. On YouTube, you can upload hours of content, but on TikTok, the longest video you can upload is three minutes. TikTok videos are made for quick topics and stories. TikTok is designed so that you can watch a lot of short videos in one sitting.

Personalized User Experience

One of the most interesting things about TikTok is its intensive algorithm and constant data collection. As users scroll, the app collects a wide variety of data that is then used to curate what comes next. YouTube uses an algorithm to suggest videos, but it is not as aggressive as the one used on TikTok. TikTok only gives you the videos they suggest, and they play as soon as you scroll. YouTube suggests you watch videos but also gives you the option to browse everything else offered on the site.

Duets and Stitches

One of the biggest differences between YouTube and TikTok is the user’s options for interacting with content. YouTube allows users to like, comment, and subscribe to content they enjoy. TikTok offers these options as well, but they also have Duets and Stitches. Duets and Stitches allow users to add to or collaborate with existing content on the app. For example, if a video is asking a question, a user can stitch the video with their video response answering the question. This provides another level of engagement for users.

Verified Accounts

TikTok uses a verified user system to give certain popular creators a blue checkmark next to their username. These accounts post videos and interact with other videos. This allows companies and celebrities to achieve a certain status on the app. When verified accounts interact with content it is more widely seen by other users.


TikTok does use ads in between videos. However, unlike YouTube, these ads are easily skippable and are not required to watch before each video.

Monetization for Creators

One area where these two platforms differ is how they pay the people who create content on the app. YouTube uses monetization rates and can pay creators per view. TikTok uses the creator’s fund to pay popular creators when they consistently make content that garners a lot of interactions. YouTube pays much more consistently than TikTok does.

Trending Sounds and Filters

TikTok creators often rely on premade sounds and filters for their content. Creators often overlay a trendy sound or song over their videos or use a silly filter as a way to capitalize on trends and get more views. YouTube does not have this option.

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