7 Things to Update On Your Site

Clipboard ListIf you have a website or blog, take a few minutes before the weekend and check to make sure these items are up to date.

1.  Check your copyright dates!

Many of us have copyright dates on our blogs, websites, newsletters or other types of content. Don’t forget to update those to 2016 if you have not done so yet or your blog does not do it automatically.

2.  Are Your Installed Plugins Up to Date?

Everyone has plugins.  Are they up to date?  At least once a month you should go in and update.  Out of date plugins create a security risk as well as not providing you with the latest and greatest features.

3.  Do You Have Comments Waiting For a Response?

You need to check your comments and respond to those that are legitimate.  You may have some that are trash or spam.  Dispose of them.   You should check your comments each week.

4.  Is Your “About Me” Page and Bio Accurate?

Is your “About Me” page and bio up to date?  Does you bio describe you and  your business accurately?   If you have family/children info, check ages, etc.   Have you been in business for 10 years or is it now 12 years?

5.  Does Your Picture Look Like You?

Keep a modern picture of yourself on your blog.  Not a picture when you were a kid or just starting out in business, but one that reflects your appearance now.  When your customers see you they should be able to recognize you from your picture.   This is especially important for females since hair styles, colors and lengths change.

6.  Do Your Social Media Buttons Work?

Do you have social media buttons?  Are they up to date and accurate?  Make sure you only have the buttons  you use.  If you have started using new social media, add those buttons.

7.  Are Your Offerings or Services Current?

Check to make sure you still offer the services listed and at the price listed.   If you have added new services be sure you have them listed.   Remove outdated items.

BONUS   – Does Your Contact Page Form Work?

Make sure your contact page form is still working.   Send yourself a message to verify.

Taking the time to check these items will improve your blog and make it easier for people who visit your blog to connect with you.


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