7 Reasons Why TikTok is so Popular

7 Reasons Why TikTok is So Popular

TikTok is sweeping the globe as one of the most widely used social media platforms of all time. As of June 2022, the app boasts 1.8 Billion daily users worldwide. Let’s take a look at Why TikTok is so popular to so many users and why they return to the app every day.

Short and Easily Consumable Content

No matter what you are watching on TikTok, every piece of content is under three minutes long. This makes it easy to open the app and watch a few videos when you have a few minutes to spare. TikTok offers an endless scroll of content and with most videos coming in at just a few seconds, it is easy to continuously keep scrolling through videos for hours.

Something for Everyone

There are so many people uploading content to TikTok every day that anyone can find something they are interested in. TikTok has small niche communities that cover all sorts of hobbies, lifestyles, and entertainment preferences. TikTok’s algorithm helps curate your “For you page” so you only see the content you are interested in.

Larger than Life Personalities

TikTok is a place that allows normal people to reach a certain level of stardom. Many TikTok creators have millions of followers that watch all of their videos. TikTok has given these seemingly normal people a platform where they can share their talents and personalities with the world.

A personal look into the lives of Celebrities

Some of the most popular people on TikTok are those who are already famous. TikTok provides people the opportunity to see the behind-the-scenes lives of some of the world’s most famous people. From international music stars to the actors in their favorite tv shows, many celebrities use TikTok to make silly videos or tell stories their fans have not yet heard.

Interactive and Engaging

TikTok allows users to engage with the content they see by liking and commenting on videos. Although that idea is not new, what is new is the ability to duet and stitch videos. These two options allow people to interact with content by making their video that either plays in succession to or side by side with the original content. When people see content, they love or even disagree with, they can interact with their video linked directly to the first.

A Global Community

TikTok is a Chinese-owned company and is available all over the world. The accessibility of TikTok at the global level makes it easy to see why so many people are using it each day. Unlike other social media platforms, it is easy to see content from your local area and the rest of the world all in one place.

A Personalized Page

TikTok uses an algorithm to only show you videos that align with your interests. The “For You Page” is designed to show users only things that they like. This means that every time you open the app you should be seeing videos that align with your interests. When you only see videos about things you like, it is easy to spend a long time using the app.

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