5 Ways to Find Content Ideas for B2B Bloggers

Content IdeasIf your target audience is another business, it may seem difficult to find content ideas to blog about.  What do other businesses want to know? How can you use your business blog to attract other businesses you may want to work with? How can you show your experience, knowledge, and customer service practices through your blog content?
Finding the right content to share on your B2B blog may require a little work and research, but it should be part of your marketing plan. Sharing relevant content through your blog is a great way to interest prospective clients.

Steps for Finding the Perfect Content Ideas

When you’re ready to put in the work, here are the steps you can take to drive new business through your blog:

1. Identify Your Readers’ Interests

In order for your prospective clients to engage with your content, it needs to be content they’re interested in. Brainstorm some ideas that take your readers interests and pain points into account. What are they most interested in knowing about your company, your service, and your products? What are they struggling with that you can help them resolve? Share a balance of educational content as well as promotional content that will speak to their needs and give them a reason to move forward on their decision-making.

2. Provide Value

Don’t just create content for the purpose of filling your blog. It’s better to post less frequently and always provide valuable content than post daily with frivolous information. Make sure that each and every post gives your reader a reason to come back for more and a reason they’d want to work with your company. Be interesting, build trust, solve problems, provide examples, and engage your readers.

3. Engage Your Audience

Ask your readers to comment on your posts and engage with their comments. This is a valuable area for asking what they think of your content and finding out what they’re most interested in reading. Reply to questions and suggestions in a positive manner so that your prospective clients know there is a real person behind the brand and that person cares about what they want. Engage your readers through social media and email newsletters as well and ask what they’d like to see more of. Then interact with them through chats and comments to let them know they’ve been heard.

4. Don’t Forget About SEO

SEO is your friend so don’t neglect it. Use keyword tools to find the keywords and phrases your prospective clients are most interested in then build your post around those words. Include them in your title, your first paragraph, and sprinkled throughout your post. This will help you reach a larger audience. And don’t forget to share your post throughout a variety of social media outlets to increase your blog traffic. Facebook and Twitter are fine, but StumbleUpon and Reddit are more likely to help you reach a larger audience.

5. Connect With Industry Leaders

Who are the experts in your industry? Invite them to guest post on your blog; their name alone will bring in more traffic. They have already built a brand and a level of trust within your industry so partnering with them will extend that trust to your business.


B2B business blogging can be a powerful tool in your marketing plan, but you must do it well. Using these steps, you’ll be able to drive more of your ideal clients to your website and maintain their interest with content that will keep them coming back.

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