5 Top Heat Mapping Plugins for WordPress

Heat Mapping PluginsHeat Mapping is a great way to find better insight and get detailed analytics about how your visitors are spending time on your website. You can see specifically what information your visitors are interested in by viewing not only where and what they click on, but also by seeing where they hover their mouse.

WordPress Plugins

If you’ve been giving some thought to using heat mapping to improve your analytics, here are the best apps to try:

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is one of the most popular heat mapping tools available. It offers a variety of heat mapping options including click mapping, mouse cursor mapping, and scroll mapping so you can see every move your site visitors make.

It also offers something called confetti heatmap which allows you to divide your map into a variety of traffic sources. This means you can see how your visitors from social media sites, search engines, and other sources of traffic interact with your site.

Pricing starts at $9/month for up to 10,000 visitors and 10 active pages. For up to 100,000 visitors and 50 active pages, along with hourly reports, the plan is just $49/month. Your first month on any plan is free. You can also use your account for multiple websites.


Heatmap.me provides a little more limited insight than Crazy Egg, but still gets the job done. It does track any forms and buttons you have on your site though, so if you have several of those, this plugin is a good option. It also offers real-time heat maps so you can see how your visitors are interacting with your site live. Plus, is you only have one site and you don’t mind a few limitations on your analytics, you can opt for the free version. Paid plans start at $100/month.


Mouseflow is easy to use and understand. It offers a variety of heatmaps including click, scroll, movement, and attention, showing you not only how your visitors move through your site, but also where they stop. It also offers form analytics that will allow you to see why and where your visitors are abandoning your forms.

With Mouseflow, you can track current funnels and set up custom funnels so that you can see how visitors behave with different traffic sources.

Pricing starts at $19/month for 1,000 recorded visitor sessions on one website. There are additional plans available for increased traffic and websites.

Lucky Orange

Lucky Orange offers heatmapping to track clicks, movement and scroll depth. They also offer session recording and traffic segmentation. You can view form analytics, conversion funnels, and even visitor polls. You can even add live chat software to your website.

It covers just about everything you’d want from a heatmapping tool and it’s one of the most affordable options for the service. Pricing starts at $10/month for 25,000 page views on a single site.


Heat mapping and website analytics come packed together in this app. With a click, conversion tracking, scroll, and attention heatmaps, it does just about everything you’d want it to do. For website analytics, you can view device segmentation, page analysis, and campaign performance.

Pricing starts at $7/month for 1 site and includes 5 heatmaps and 25,000 page views. For smaller needs, there is also a free plan that includes 1 heatmap and up to 1,000 pageviews.

Try It

Heat mapping is a great option to see how, when, why, and where your visitors are engaging with your site. It will help you determine what your visitors want to see more of and what they don’t. It’s a great tool to include in your marketing plan.

To learn more about how heat mapping can help your industrial or manufacturing business, read Heat Mapping and Why You Should Use It.


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