5 Tips to Improve Your B2B Business Image

ImageWhen others think of you, your website, and your business, what image do they see?   Your image or brand is simply a perception.  So how do your customers and business partners perceive you?

This week, September 16-22, is Build A Better Image Week.

Your Brand Image

Your brand image consists of the perceptions that exist in the customer’s mind about who you are and the benefits your business provides.   These perceptions are either reinforced or undermined, every time they have dealings with you and your B2B business. Your website also contributes to this perceived image.

Building a better image is about making improvements to change the way others perceive us. In business terms, “branding” includes the activities and changes you make in order to improve how your customers and prospects view your business.

Without a strong brand image, you have to build a case for why you deserve someone’s business, every single time you try to make a sale. Businesses with strong brands are making sales while others are still in the introductory phase.

5 Tips

1. Dress for success

Dress for success is the number one key to building a better image.  You have heard people use this in reference to clothes. People who look professional build more confidence as they are perceived and valued as a professional.   That also goes for your website.  It is your window to the world, so make sure it represents you well.

2. Marketing Materials

Take a look at all your marketing materials. (Your website is part of your marketing materials.) Does your Logo properly represent your company? Choosing a simple, unique and memorable logo is important for branding value and recognition.  Assess all your marketing materials for ways to improve them. Do they need a face-lift, a do-over or start all over?  How long has it been since you updated your web page?

3. Speak of Websites

Is your website keeping up with the times and modern technology or has your website been around for 3 years or longer with no changes? When prospects visit your website is it portraying the professional image you desire? Is it showcasing your expertise? Does it clearly show professionalism? Is it simple and easy to navigate or confusing? It might be time for a redesign.  Check out UpStreams latest redesign portfolio.

4. Email Etiquette

Do you practice proper Email Etiquette? The rules of writing are just as important in email as they are in the regular mail. Proper grammar and punctuation are important to build a professional image.   Do you answer your emails in a timely fashion or let them sit in your inbox for a while until you can “find time” to get to them. Just like answering phone calls promptly is important, so is answering email. You never know when that email can turn into your biggest client.

5. VoiceMail Messages

Your voicemail can make or break an image. When leaving a message for someone, leave a complete message including your name and phone number. Speak slowly and repeat your phone number twice so the person receiving the call does not have to replay your message to get the number.  I often leave my name and number at the beginning and again at the end of the message.

You can’t control other people’s perceptions, but you can thoughtfully design all of those elements of your B2B business brand identity. Work to build the best possible image in the mind of your customers and prospects.  Be the brand that stays on their mind.

Build a bigger role for your B2B business in the lives of your clients and watch your success increase.

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