Make a Call to Celebrate Telephone Tuesday

Telephone TuesdayDo you know what today, Tuesday, September 4th is?  It is known as “Telephone Tuesday.”

What is “Telephone Tuesday?”

Over the past few years, businesses have experienced the phenomenon of receiving more inbound calls than on any other day of the year.  Imagine that, more calls than on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

So why the surge in calls after one of the most relaxing long weekends of the year? It is a mix of things, like summer ending, school beginning, and the holidays approaching, according to Marchex, an advertising analytics firm who first noticed the trend.

Studies have shown that in the last few years, inbound calls rose by  30 to 50 percent on “Telephone Tuesday.”

How Can You Handle Telephone Tuesday?

If you are a business, be ready to handle the calls on  “Telephone Tuesday.”

  1. Spread the word about “Telephone Tuesday” on social media with the hashtag #telephonetuesday.
  2. Plan to be busy and answering lots of calls.
  3. When people call, consider the quality of customer service you will be providing and how it can convert these calls into returning customers.
  4. Use social media to tell the world you are seeing high numbers of calls or that you participated in “Telephone Tuesday.”  Again using the hashtag #telephonetuesday.  Let your customers know you are working hard to get things done for them.

Are You Considering New Phones?

Is your business in need of a new phone system or upgrading your current business phone system before the end of 2018?  Or maybe you are budgeting for a phone system in 2019, please consider a client of ours VirtualTone.   VirtualTone can supply all of your business telephone needs from affordable solutions for startup companies with limited revenue to full call center solutions.

VirtualTone has experience working with many different markets including manufacturing, oil, and gas.

Manufacturing, Oil & Gas companies heavily benefit from the features, pricing, and scalability of VoIP phone systems.

Please visit their website at

What Does All This Mean for Your Business?

Telephones are alive and well!  The use of phones is not going away.  It is still an important part of marketing.  Yes, there is email, social media, and web presence.  But phone sales are still a great way to connect with customers. So enjoy “Telephone Tuesday,” and continue to use the phone in your marketing and customer service to “rock” the fourth quarter.

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