3 Ways to Use Chatbots in Your Industrial Business

Chatbots in Your Industrial BusinessThere are many ways to use chatbots for business, and companies are thinking of new, innovative ways to use them all the time.

Ways to Use Chatbots

Let’s take a look at a few ways chatbots can benefit your industrial or manufacturing business:

Content Delivery

A lot of companies are using chatbot technology to deliver content in a new and interesting way. Websites such as NBC, CNN, and Fox News are sending interesting articles to visitors through messaging apps.

Many people are using messenger apps like Facebook on a regular basis, delivering content straight to the platforms people are already using just makes sense.

This allows companies to reach readers even if those readers aren’t coming to their site daily.

Making Sales

Companies like Papa John’s, Dominos, and Taco Bell are making use of chatbot technology.  They allow customers to make purchases directly through their bots via text message or platforms like Facebook Messenger.

This is beneficial to companies like Dominos because it keeps stores from being inundated with so many phone calls during peak times.  Plus it’s beneficial to their customers because it’s often faster and less frustrating than calling or using the website.

All sorts of businesses can benefit from using a chatbot to assist in making sales, by offering personalized product suggestion based on input from customers.

Customer Service

The most common use for chatbots is for general customer service, such as answering basic questions, making suggestions, directing problems to appropriate departments, and more.

This is great for industrial businesses using chatbots, because the chatbots can be programmed with specific responses to your most frequently asked questions and keep you and your employees from having to field a lot of questions that could have been answered by the bot.

Chatbots can improve user experience, too. Customers love getting an answer in seconds without having to wait on hold for a live person or sending an email and waiting hours or days for a response.

Studies have shown that 51% of people believe a business should be available for customer support 24/7. They don’t appreciate companies operating in normal business hours anymore.  If your company takes 12 hours to answer an email, and your competitor answers a simple question at two o’clock in the morning, whom do you think they will buy from? Whom would they feel most loyal to?

A Look at The Statistics

Did you know that 45.8% of people would rather contact a company through messaging than through email? They know email can be slow. They’d rather use a method that gets faster, easier results.

Plus, 49.5% of people would rather contact a company through messaging than telephone. No one likes waiting on hold, and some people don’t like speaking on the phone. Messaging is easier.

The bottom line is that people want chatbots. They save them time and frustration, and in return, it saves you time and money. It’s a win-win situation.

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