2019 Best Practices for LinkedIn Company Pages

LinkedIn Best PracticesThere’s more to maintaining a company presence on LinkedIn than just creating a page. Your page needs to have quality information that tells people what they need to know about your company and you need to update it regularly. Keeping up with your company page will help your business get a better reach to potential new customers.

2019 Best Practices for LinkedIn Company Pages

  1. Complete Your Page

Companies that have pages with complete information get 30% more weekly views than those that just do the bare minimum. Here’s what your page needs:

  • Logo

Add your company logo and a cover image to engage viewers and let them know who you are. Your company logo is the first visual representation of your brand on LinkedIn.companies with logo images get six times more traffic to their pages. So make sure you add your logo to your profile so people can easily recognize your brand when you post company updates or when they’re viewing your Company Page.

  • The cover (or background) image is an extension of your brand—make it compelling, eye-catching, and rotate it every six months (at least).

Since you cater to a different audience on LinkedIn from your other social media networks, keep certain graphic elements that define your brand such as colors, fonts, and design, while adding visual variety. For instance, you can use it to highlight different teams in your company, promote upcoming events, or announce campaigns. The recommended cover image size is 1536 (w) x 768 (h) pixels.

  • Overview

Use relevant keywords and phrases in the description of your company and your mission. Keywords are a great search tool to help get your page seen as members use these words to find relevant businesses. Having keywords in your overview will increase your viewing in search results.  Remember to provide a higher-level summary of your company, along with basic information such as specialties, company size and type, industry, year found, website URL, and address. This information will further your searchability and credibility.

  • Company Info

Potential customers want to learn more about you and know how to get in touch. Make sure you complete your company info with your website URL, your industry, the size of your company, and your address and phone number.  To complete your profile, you must include a company description (maximum 250-2000 characters, including spaces) that offers an informative and interesting snapshot of the company: your company’s history, core mission, what differentiates you from your competitors, list of awards, recognitions, or certifications, blog URL, etc. Keep it up-to-date with relevant information to maintain your page’s credibility.

  1. Share Relevant Content

Sharing content on a regular basis will help people engage with your company more. In fact, companies that post content at least once a week see twice as much engagement as companies that post sporadically.

Post a blog post at least once a week and include relevant images, a link to your site, or a video. Posts with images and/or videos get more comments than those without. And photo collages with 3-4 images in a single post do better for businesses than a single image.

You can also share company news, industry-related articles, or start a discussion. The more frequently you post, the more engagement you’ll receive. Once a week should be the minimum expectation, but more is better. Be sure to include relevant keywords in your article as well as your title.

It’s also important to be more helpful than sales-y. Your sales content should be 20% or less of your overall content.

  1. Boost Your Posts

Use sponsored content from time to time to promote your post to your target audience. You can set your own budget and determine how long your ad will run so that it fits in with your budget. Boosting your post from time-to-time can help you gain new followers that may not have known about you otherwise.

  1. Use Content Suggestions

LinkedIn offers content suggestions to help you share relevant content to the audience that’s engaging within your industry. It will show you trending topics and similar articles to help you create your own content that your audience may find interesting.

  1. Analyze Your Results and Refine Your Actions

Keep on top of your company page insights to see who’s engaging with your content and when. This can help you determine the type of content your audience likes the best and when would be the best time to post.

You can then use that information to improve your content and create a call-to-action that will work for your target audience.

Making the most of your LinkedIn company page may take some work, but it can create amazing results for your business. The time will be well spent.

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