11 Things to Video for Your Industrial Business

Things to VideoSo Where Do You Start?

You are sold on the idea of adding or using more video for your industrial business, but not sure what to add.

If you’re wondering where to begin with video for your industrial business, it never hurts to have a look at what those who are successful at it are doing. In research compiled by Ascend2 for Vidyard, companies who are doing well with their video marketing used various types of video to keep their audience engaged.

Types of Video

Let’s look at the various types:

1. Product Demonstration Videos

People want to see how products work.  They want to see how someone else uses the product.  People will watch these before they buy to decide if the ease of use is worth the cost of purchasing.  They will watch after the purchase to learn how to use.  You can never go wrong with the product demonstration video.

2. Customer Testimonials

Happy customers are great for business.  They tell others how much they like your product or service and customers trust other customers.   So if you can get a customer or two to give you a video testimonial, it is worth gold.  They don’t have to be long, and they should be honest appraisals.

3. Explanation and Tutorials

Similar to product demonstrations, these videos are a bit more detailed and show the nitty-gritty of how to put a product together, how to use, and the why.  People no longer spend hours reading instructions, they want to pull up a video and watch how it is done.

4. Interviews With Thought Leaders

It can be the leaders of your company or the leaders of your industry.  Interview them about a certain topic that will be of interest to others.  You know what the hot topics are for your industry, use those topics to plan your interviews.   Others will benefit from it and look to you as a leader.

5. Case Study and Project Reviews

If you have had a successful implementation of a product or successfully helped a customer solve a problem, you can do a video case study.  Explain what the problem was and how your product or service was able to help the customer.   This gives both your company and your customer some exposure and shows your success.

6. Webinars

Webinars are a great platform for teaching something or giving facts and details.  You can also go back and forth with questions and audience participation if you desire.  If you don’t like to be seen on screen, webinars allow you to share your computer screen and voice without your face being on camera.

7. Video Blogs

You have a blog that you post to regularly, a video blog works the same way.  You post on a routine basis to the video blog on topics of interest to your customers.  Your audience knows to expect a new video a certain day of the week or month.

8. Event Videos

Videos of events that take place for your industrial business make your company seem personable.  For instance, if you win an award, a video of receiving it would be of great interest.  Perhaps you have a company picnic or Christmas party, a short video of the highlights or of the decorations would be of interest.  Perhaps it is a community event and your company is a sponsor or just there, video spotlights are great and show community involvement.  You are not just a big business, but involved in everyday things.

9, New Product Releases

When you have a new product or upgraded product, video is a great way to get the news out.  They can actually see the product in the video.

10. Employee Perspectives

This is a win-win.  It makes the employees feel important for the business to be asking their thoughts and opinions and to be recorded on video and customers enjoy hearing how employees feel about things.  What do you ask them?  It could be about a new product and how they feel about it compared to its predecessor, it could be about a new safety regulation or something in the news.  You could ask why they like working for your company.  Perhaps just go around and ask the single question and record the answer and then combine them all into a short video.  (You don’t have to include comments if someone is negative – video editing lets you cut those comments out.)

11. Conference and Showroom Floor

I used to blog from the showroom floor, now you can just do a quick video and show what is going on.  Maybe what new products vendors are touting.  Or just that you are there, learning new things and being in the know.

There you have it.  Eleven things to video and incorporate into your industrial business marketing.  I’m looking forward to viewing some of your videos.

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