3 Website Design Mistakes that Scare Away Your Visitors

The last thing you want to do.. even on Halloween is scare away your website visitors.

Here are thee 3 website design mistakes that will likely scare the majority of your website visitors.

Slow to Load Website Pages 

Everyone is in a hurry now a days and no one wants to wait.  How many times have you tried a pull up a website and you think it’s been an eternity and the site has not loaded.  You click the domain name again and again in frustration… then you give up and leave.  Kind of like ringing a door bell with the porch light on and no one is home to give out candy.  You ring the door bell a couple of times and then leave.  You make a mental note not to hit this house again.  The same mental not is made by your website visitor.  They will likely not return either.

Clear Path, Easy To Follow

Your web visitors should have a good idea of what they can find on a page even before clicking on the navigation link.  Use proper titles, don’t get fancy it will only confuse and annoy your visitors.   If they get confused, the will likely leave.

Home, About Us, Products, Services, Team, Blog, News, Events, Contact  are accurate descriptions of what that pages contains.  You can very easily break out your products and services into the proper product or service name.

You want to accurately portray the page with a proper title.   I heard of a family that actually called 911 to get out a corn maze.   You don’t want your website visitor to be lost.  They won’t call 911, they will hit the back button and leave.

Keep it Fresh

You don’t want visitors to your site to see outdated content.  They can take away the impression that your business is outdated, old fashioned, passé and even closed and no longer in business.

If you have any of the following pages on your site, News, Events,  Announcement,  Blog when is the last time you updated these pages?   Think about it, if you wanted to find out what was going on in a business and you saw one of these pages listed in the navigation, you would click on them.    How many of us have Halloween candy left over from last Halloween?  You wouldn’t think of giving it out again this Halloween.  Why have your web visitors see stale, old content.  It was a great idea to start a blog…  when was the last time you actually wrote a blog?

Here’s my nephew a few years back going as a zombie who attacked a football player.   If you don’t want to scare away your website visitor, have a website that loads fast, is easy to follow and has fresh content.

zombie attacks football player costume













Happy Halloween


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