Rock Your Facebook Presence

Rock Your Facebook Presence

Rock Your Facebook PresenceThe past few weeks we have been focusing on Facebook.  Many say Facebook is over its prime and newer social media such as Snapchat and Periscope are becoming more popular.

The truth is, Facebook is still where it is at for most business owners.  As of July 2016, there were over  1.71 billion monthly active users.  That is a lot of people logging on to connect and find out what others are doing and what people are recommending.

More eye-opening,  is the fact that 1.13 billion people log onto Facebook daily.  They are active users.  They connect, they purchase, and they share.   Wouldn’t it be great if they were connecting, sharing, and purchasing from your business?

Facebook Instructions

Hopefully, you have been following along and have your Facebook Business Page up and are posting regularly.   If not, you can check out all the posts from getting started to creating groups in Facebook by clicking the links below:

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Your Online Presence

Yes, building your online presence takes time and commitment.   It isn’t all fun and games.  But the time invested could pay big dividends for your business. The most important thing is to remember you are there to build relationships and connect.  In time, people will begin to like, know and trust you and your business.  The last thing you want to do is sell, sell, sell.    No one wants to be sold to.  For every six posts on any social media, you can include a sales post.   If you connect and build relationships you will not need to be selling all the time.

Here is to you and your Facebook success!