News 92 FM Houston Goes Off the Air

It’s a sad day for us who have to fight Houston traffic all hours of the day.

The one radio station we could count on to have the latest Houston Traffic reports on the 8’s has gone off the air and changed formats.

I was listening this morning and right during their news report News 92 FM switched from all their All News Format to “All Beyonce Channel B92.

Living in the Katy, TX area, every now and then we might pick up a different station that comes in on that frequency.    I was waiting for the News 92 FM to come back on the air.  After getting closer to Houston, I knew something was wrong.

I went to the News 92 FM website and and posted on their website was this special announcement.

news 92










What made News 92 FM different was they had some of the top Houston radio news personalities from Lanny Griffith who handled traffic reports to Brent Clanton on business, Laurie Kendrick, Martha Martinez, Mike Barajas, Carolyn Campbell, Bonnie Petrie and Craig Roberts with sports. National ABC News at the bottom and top of the hour.

Reports online said that Nielsen ratings for September 2014 have News 92.1, with a 0.9 percent audience share, making it only the 26th highest rated radio station in the city.

Now, for the other Houston Radio stations that are trying to increase their listener numbers, this is your time to step up.   There is an audience out there that will be searching the dial looking for Houston Traffic Reports every 10 minutes.   Instead of offering free restaurant coupons or special promotions for  caller number 14, bring us what we want.  Updated traffic reports!   Let us know when we can expect the traffic reports to air and we will listen.

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