Why Your Description Text Matters

Description TextWe have been focusing on measures you can take to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  Our last post focused on Title Tags.

Today we are going to focus on the “Description Text.”

What is Description Text?

Description text is the two lines of text that is displayed below the title in the search results.

Description text used to weigh much heavier toward keyword associations for search engines. People abused it and used it as an opportunity t stuff ext with keywords,  Many times it was just a bunch of keywords and it did not describe the information or help the reader.  Algorithms have changed provide a clear description of what the page is about.

Your best bet is to provide a clear description of what the page is about. Include a keyword if possible.

You want to optimize the description so that it entices a reader to click and read the post or page. This will help you more than a bunch of keywords stuffed in the description.

Descriptive Text

The ideal length is between 110 – 160 characters. This text should read smoothly and capture exactly what the post is about. This text should never be keyword-stuffed.

Key Points

  • 1-2 sentences describing exactly what the page is about.
  • Include the primary keyword for the page in the description text if possible.

There you have it, one more step to improving your SEO.